The Debt

  Consider for a moment a family who is well established and productive in society.  Let’s imagine that these good folks realize that technological advancements of the age have produced a myriad of gadgets that, if obtained, could increase their standard of living significantly.  Almost immediately the family’s savings is “invested” in the good life.  Let’s imagine that with the passage of time, other “opportunities for advancement” avail themselves, but since there is no more money, our family must search for new ways to afford them.

  Let’s imagine that this family discovers that it has significant borrowing power, so a second mortgage and numerous credit cards are obtained.  The family quickly spends all the money that it is capable of borrowing.  In desperation for more, they ask creditors to accept their prior purchases as collateral in order to raise their debt ceiling, borrow more money, and make more purchases.  Let’s imagine that before long the family has borrowed so much money that their collective wages are not capable of paying the interest on their loans while sustaining even a moderate standard of living.  They have crossed a line from which there is no return.  Life for them is about to change.

  Now you can stop imagining.  This scenario is about to be lived out in, not a family, but a country, …our country.  Our fiscal irresponsibility, and that of our elected officials, has us at the brink of economic disaster.  If those who spend our nation’s money do not act soon, our country’s economy will be as bankrupt as its morality has already become.  Looks pretty bleak doesn’t it?

  Someone might argue, “If there is no good news, perhaps we would be better served to have no news at all.”  Fortunately, good news abounds.  The Bible, God’s Word, is filled with promises, provisions and principles that are capable of restoring a nation, or rescuing a soul from sin.  It is truly amazing!  Maybe you should take a look!