Our Staff

Pastor Danny Linville was called to Corinth Baptist Church as Senior Pastor in October of 2016. He has over 40 years of ministry experience which began with seven years of youth ministry in North Carolina followed by Senior Pastorates in North Carolina, Pennsylvania and now here in Maine.

Danny and Mary Jean

Pastor Linville’s ministry is Bible-centric, as he believes the Word of God to be a living and powerful resource that God has graciously endowed to man as His comprehensive guidebook for our lives.

  Pastor Linville and his wife Mary Jean have two grown children. Wes is an assistant pastor in Cedar Rapids, Iowa and Ben is a Pastor in Wayland, Iowa. Pastor and Mary Jean have eight grandchildren.

  Our Pastor and his wife love people and would be delighted to meet you and your family either to help in time of crisis or simply to encourage and instruct you in the important spiritual matters that are often clouded by the busyness of life.

  All of us at Corinth Baptist Church would warmly invite you to visit CBC and get to know Pastor Danny and Mary Jean personally.

  Nathan Townsend came to Corinth Baptist Church in May of 2018 after he and his wife, Priscilla, graduated from Bible college.

Nate and Priscilla

 In October 2019, they welcomed their first child, Paul, into the world. Now, God has blessed Paul with two little sisters, Maryanna, who was born in March of 2021, and Ruthie, born in September 2022.

  Recognizing Brother Nate’s desire to give himself to the work of the ministry in answer to the Lord’s call, in December of 2019, the church family elected to add him to our staff as an Assistant to Pastor Linville.

In October of 2020, Nathan was ordained to the gospel ministry, and continues to serve faithfully here at CBC.  Presently, he is leading our youth group and children church ministries, he conducts the adult choir, and assists in many other various ministries.

 Nathan’s desire is to fulfill Titus 2 which calls for the teaching of sound doctrine and sober mindedness for the enrichment of spiritual lives.