Sermons 2022

12/24/22 AMPastor Danny LinvilleBeing Christlike At ChristmasRomans 12:1-2AUDIOVIDEO
12/21/22 WedPastor Danny LinvilleThe Whole StoryGenesis 1:1AUDIOVIDEO
12/18/22 PMPastor Danny LinvilleThe Word Became FleshJohn 1:1-14AUDIOVIDEO
12/11/22 SSPastor Danny LinvilleJoseph in EgyptGenesis 39-40AUDIOVIDEO
12/11/22 AMPastor Danny LinvilleJudge For Yourself1Corinthians 10-11AUDIOVIDEO
12/11/22 PMPastor Danny LinvilleMore Sure Word2Peter 1:19-21AUDIOVIDEO
12/7/22 WedPastor Danny LinvilleFalling Out Of FellowshipJohn 6AUDIOVIDEO
12/4/22 SSMissionary Ray TeachoutPrayer WarriorsColossians 4:12AUDIOVIDEO
12/4/22 AMMissionary Ray TeachoutHe Shall Not Be DiscouragedIsaiah 42:4AUDIOVIDEO
12/4/22 PMThe Teachouts (Song)The Old Rugged CrossSongAUDIOVIDEO
11/30/22 WedPastor Danny LinvilleFollow MeLuke 10AUDIOVIDEO
11/27/22 SSPastor Danny LinvilleJoseph The DreamerGenesis 37AUDIOVIDEO
11/27/22 AMPastor Danny LinvilleLiving In His PresencePsalm 15AUDIOVIDEO
11/27/22 PMBrother Nate TownsendElijah1Kings 18AUDIOVIDEO
11/20/22 SSPastor Danny LinvilleJacob Reunited with EsauGenesis 32-33AUDIOVIDEO
11/20/22 AMPastor Danny LinvilleThanklessnessRomans 1:21AUDIOVIDEO
11/20/22 PMPastor Danny LinvilleSure Calling2Peter 1:10-18AUDIOVIDEO
11/16/22 WedPastor Danny LinvilleTemple Building1Corinthians 3:9-17AUDIOVIDEO
11/13/22 SSPastor Danny LinvilleJacob Returns To CanaanGenesis 30-31AUDIOVIDEO
11/13/22 AMPastor Danny LinvilleDisciplines of WorshipExodus 34:14AUDIOVIDEO
11/13/22 PMPastor Danny LinvilleBuilding Blocks2Peter 1:1-9AUDIOVIDEO
11/6/22 SSPastor Danny LinvilleJacob and LabanGenesis 28-29AUDIOVIDEO
11/6/22 AMPastor Danny LinvilleMen of God1Timothy 6:11AUDIOVIDEO
11/6/22 PMBrother Nate TownsendTrust And Obey1Kings 17AUDIOVIDEO
11/2/22 WedBrother Nate TownsendElijah and Ahab1Kings 17AUDIONo Video
10/30/22 SSPastor Danny LinvilleEsau's BirthrightGenesis 25-28AUDIOVIDEO
10/30/22 AMPastor Danny LinvilleCome and SeeJohn 1:35-51AUDIOVIDEO
10/26/22 WedPastor Danny LinvilleThe Pains Of Righteousness1Peter 4:15-16AUDIOVIDEO
10/19/22 WedPastor Danny LinvilleSeeking The LordLuke 12:6-7AUDIOVIDEO
10/16/22 SSPastor Danny LinvilleA Bride For IsaacGenesis 24AUDIOVIDEO
10/16/22 AMPastor Danny LinvilleSin In The CampJoshua 5-7AUDIOVIDEO
10/16/22 PMPastor Danny LinvilleHidden TreasuresGenesis 12AUDIOVIDEO
10/12/22 WedPastor Danny LinvillePromise With A ConditionGalatians 6:7-9AUDIOVIDEO
10/9/22 SSPastor Danny LinvilleAbraham and IsaacGen. 21:1-7; 22:1-19AUDIOVIDEO
10/9/22 AMPastor Danny LinvillePersistence In GodlinessHebrews 12:1-15AUDIOVIDEO
10/9/22 PMPastor Danny LinvilleBecause Of MePsalm 69:1-6AUDIOVIDEO
10/5/22 WedPastor Danny LinvilleDealing With PrideProverbs 6:16-19AUDIOVIDEO
10/2/22 SSPastor Danny LinvilleDestruction of SodomGenesis 19AUDIOVIDEO
10/2/22 AMPastor Danny LinvilleTreasuresMatthew 6:19-34AUDIOVIDEO
10/2/22 PMPastor Danny LinvilleHumble, Dependent, Resistant1Peter 5:5-14AUDIOVIDEO
9/25/22 SSPastor Danny LinvilleAbraham and SodomGenesis 17-28AUDIOVIDEO
9/25/22 AMPastor Danny LinvilleOthersPhilippians 1:1-11AUDIOVIDEO
9/25/22 PMPastor Danny LinvilleShepherds1Peter 5:1-4AUDIOVIDEO
9/21/22 WedPastor Danny LinvillePower Outage1Samuel 1-7AUDIOVIDEO
9/18/22 SSPastor Danny LinvilleAbraham: God's PromisesGenesis 15-16AUDIOVIDEO
9/18/22 AMPastor Danny LinvilleThe Produce Of A NationJob 5:7AUDIOVIDEO
9/18/22 PMPastor Danny LinvilleOuch ...Thank You Lord1Peter 4:12-19AUDIOVIDEO
9/14/22 WedMissionary Dan SchiffbauerBuying A FieldJeremiah 32:1-21AUDIOVIDEO
9/13/22 TuesdayMissionary Dan SchiffbauerMissionary CallActs 13:1-4AUDIOVIDEO
9/12/22 MondayMissionary Dan SchiffbauerChildren Of LightEphesians 5:8-14AUDIOVIDEO
9/11/22 AfternoonMissionary Wes Burns (virtual)Come And SeeJohn 1:39AUDIOVIDEO
9/11/22 PMMissionary Dan SchiffbauerRepentance and RemissionLuke 24:47AUDIOVIDEO
9/7/22 WedPastor Danny LinvilleDo All To The Glory Of God1Corinthians 10:31AUDIOVIDEO
9/4/22 SSPastor Danny LinvilleAbram Rescues LotGenesis 14AUDIOVIDEO
9/4/22 AMPastor Danny LinvilleThe Syrophoenician WomanMatthew 15:21-28AUDIOVIDEO
9/4/22 PMPastor Danny LinvilleNear The End1Peter 4:7-11AUDIOVIDEO
8/31/22 WedBrother Nathan TownsendMephibosheth2Samual 9AUDIOVIDEO
8/28/22 SSPastor Danny LinvilleAbraham 1Genesis 11-13AUDIOVIDEO
8/28/22 AMPastor Danny LinvilleOne SoulJohn 4AUDIOVIDEO
8/28/22 PMPastor Danny LinvilleWilling To Suffer1Peter 4:1-6AUDIOVIDEO
8/24/22 WedPastor Danny LinvillePerspectiveMark 6:45-52AUDIOVIDEO
8/21/22 SSPastor Danny LinvilleTower of BabelGenesis 11:1-9AUDIOVIDEO
8/21/22 AMPastor Danny LinvilleThe Unknown GodActs 17:22-31AUDIOVIDEO
8/21/22 PMPastor Danny LinvilleBringing Us To God1Peter 3:18-22AUDIOVIDEO
8/17/22 WedPastor Danny LinvilleUnwise CounselProverbs 14:7AUDIOVIDEO
8/14/22 SSPastor Danny LinvilleNoahGenesis 6-9AUDIOVIDEO
8/14/22 AMPastor Danny LinvilleCarelessness In Our Commitment 2Joshua 7:21AUDIOVIDEO
8/14/22 PMPastor Danny LinvilleAn Answer To Every Man 1Peter 3:13-17AUDIOVIDEO
8/10/22 WedPastor Danny LinvilleThings God Hates 5Isaiah 1:10-15AUDIOVIDEO
8/7/22 SSPastor Danny LinvilleCain and AbelGenesis 4AUDIOVIDEO
8/7/22 AMPastor Danny LinvilleCarelessness In Our CommitmentGenesis 3:6AUDIOVIDEO
8/7/22 PMPastor Danny LinvilleIn Like Manner Ye Husbands1Peter 3:7-12AUDIOVIDEO
8/3/22 WedPastor Danny LinvilleThings God Hates Pt. 4Proverbs 1:16-19AUDIOVIDEO
7/31/22 PMPastor Danny LinvilleDo You Really Mean It?1Samuel 24-26AUDIONo Video
7/31/22 SSPastor Danny LinvilleThe First FamilyGenesis 2-3AUDIOVIDEO
7/31/22 AMPastor Danny LinvilleIn My NameDeuteronomy 18:19-20AUDIOVIDEO
7/27/22 WedPastor Danny LinvilleThings God Hates Pt.3Proverbs 6:16-19AUDIOVIDEO
7/24/22 PMPastor Danny LinvilleEven As Sarah1Peter 3:1-6AUDIOVIDEO
7/24/22 AMPastor Danny LinvilleHoly Holy Holy1Chronicles 13:3AUDIOVIDEO
7/20/22 WedPastor Danny LinvilleThings God Hates Pt.2Psalm 5:4-6AUDIOVIDEO
7/17/22 SSPastor Danny LinvilleOf Insects and AnimalsProverbs 30:24-28AUDIOVIDEO
7/17/22 PMPastor Danny LinvilleSuffering Innocence1Peter 2:16-25AUDIOVIDEO
7/17/22 AMPastor Danny LinvilleFree At Last Pt 3Pilippians 4:4AUDIOVIDEO
7/13/22 WedPastor Danny LinvilleThings God Hates Pt. 1Deuteronomy 12:29-32AUDIOVIDEO
7/10/22 SSPastor Danny LinvilleChrist's Intercession Pt. 4John 17:20-26AUDIOVIDEO
7/10/22 PMPastor Danny Linville9 A Peculiar People1Peter 2:9-15AUDIOVIDEO
7/10/22 AMPastor Danny LinvilleFree At Last Pt. 2Romans 6:20-22AUDIOVIDEO
7/6/22 WedPastor Danny LinvilleA Prayer For GuidancePsalm 5AUDIOVIDEO
7/3/22 SSPastor Danny LinvilleChrist's Intercession Pt. 3John 17:9-19AUDIOVIDEO
7/3/22 PMPastor Danny Linville8 The Chief Corner Stone1Peter 2:6-8AUDIOVIDEO
7/3/22 AMPastor Danny LinvilleFree At LastGalatians 4:1-5AUDIOVIDEO
6/29/22 WedPastor Danny LinvilleWomen In Church1Timothy 2:11-13AUDIOVIDEO
6/26/22 SSPastor Danny LinvilleChrist's Intercession Pt. 2John 17:6-8AUDIOVIDEO
6/26/22 PMBrother Nate TownsendDavid's Turning Point2Samuel 11-12AUDIOVIDEO
6/26/22 AMPastor Danny LinvilleTreasures In ChristRomans 3:24AUDIOVIDEO
6/22/22 WedPastor Danny LinvilleThe Battle Is The Lord'sExodus 13-14AUDIOVIDEO
6/19/22 SSPastor Danny LinvilleChrist's Intercession Pt. 1John 17:1-5AUDIOVIDEO
6/19/22 PMPastor Danny LinvilleAs Newborn Babes1Peter 2:1-5AUDIOVIDEO
6/19/22 AMPastor Danny LinvilleStrange FireLeviticus 10:1-3AUDIOVIDEO
6/15/22 WedPastor Danny LinvilleTying NotsColossian 3:9AUDIOVIDEO
6/12/22 SSPastor Danny LinvilleThe Peacemakers and The PersecutedMatthew 5:3-12AUDIOVIDEO
6/12/22 PMPastor Danny LinvilleLove In Light Of The WordLuke 11:37-39AUDIOVIDEO
6/12/22 AMPastor Danny LinvilleApprovedMatthew 25:1-30AUDIOVIDEO
6/8/22 WedPastor Danny LinvilleJoshuaExodus 24:13AUDIOVIDEO
6/5/22 SSPastor Danny LinvilleHunger and ThirstMatthew. 5:3-11AUDIOVIDEO
6/5/22 PMPastor Danny LinvilleRedeemed By The Blood1Peter 1:17-21AUDIOVIDEO
6/5/22 AMPastor Danny LinvilleA Cause For RejoicingEsther 9:17-10:3AUDIOVIDEO
6/1/22 WedPastor Danny LinvillePower In PrayerJames 5:16-20AUDIOVIDEO
5/29/22 SSPastor Danny LinvilleBlessed Are They That MournMatthew 5:4-5AUDIOVIDEO
5/29/22 PMPastor Danny Linville4 Be Ye Holy1Pet. 1:13-16AUDIOVIDEO
5/29/22 AMPastor Danny LinvilleDay Of deliveranceEsther 9:1-16AUDIOVIDEO
5/25/22 WedBrother Nate TownsendProblems?Psalm 56AUDIOVIDEO
5/22/22 SSPastor Danny LinvilleBeatitudes Pt. 1Matt. 5:3-11AUDIOVIDEO
5/22/22 PMPastor Danny LinvilleIn Spite of Trials1Peter 1:6-12AUDIOVIDEO
5/22/22 AMPastor Danny LinvilleDilemma DefusedEsther 8:7-17AUDIOVIDEO
5/18/22 WedPastor Danny LinvilleAnointing With OilJames 5:13-15AUDIOVIDEO
5/15/22 SSPastor Danny LinvilleTwo Types of DisciplesLuke 6:46-49AUDIOVIDEO
5/15/22 PMPastor Danny LinvilleRejoicing In Hope1Peter 1:3-6AUDIOVIDEO
5/15/22 AMPastor Danny LinvilleUndeserved VictoryEsther 8:1-6AUDIOVIDEO
5/8/22 SSPastor Danny LinvilleAlcoholNumbers 18:12-13AUDIOVIDEO
5/8/22 PMPastor Danny LinvilleElect1Peter 1:1-2AUDIOVIDEO
5/8/22 AMPastor Danny LinvilleThe Bitterness EndEsther 7:1-10AUDIOVIDEO
5/4/22 WedPastor Danny LinvillePatient EnduranceJames 5:1-12AUDIOVIDEO
5/1/22 SSPastor Danny LinvilleGambling(Biblical Principles)Psalm 5AUDIOVIDEO
5/1/22 PMBrother Adam FenskeTime For TheePs. 119:121-128AUDIOVIDEO
5/1/22 AMPastor Danny LinvilleRight PrevailsEsther 6:1-14AUDIOVIDEO
4/27/22 WedPastor Danny LinvilleAcknowledging GodJames 4:13-17AUDIOVIDEO
4/24/22 PMBrother Nate TownsendWorship God's Way2Samuel 6AUDIOVIDEO
4/24/22 AMPastor Danny LinvilleGreat Commission Upside DownMatthew 28:19-20AUDIOVIDEO
4/20/22 WedPastor Danny LinvilleForsaking Worldly IndulgencesJames 4:1-12AUDIOVIDEO
4/17/22 SSPastor Danny Linville A Christ Pleasing Church Pt. 3Revelation 3:14-19AUDIOVIDEO
4/17/22 PMPastor Danny Linville Christian LibertyGalatians 5:13AUDIOVIDEO
4/17/22 AMPastor Danny Linville David On The ResurrectionActs 2:21-32AUDIOVIDEO
4/13/22 WedPastor Danny Linville Wisdom From AboveJames 3:13-18AUDIOVIDEO
4/10/22 SSPastor Danny LinvilleA Christ Pleasing Church Pt2Revelation 3AUDIOVIDEO
4/10/22 PMPastor Danny LinvilleThe Day ComethMalachi 3:13-4:6AUDIOVIDEO
4/10/22 AMPastor Danny LinvilleA Misunderstood NeedMatthew 21:1-10AUDIOVIDEO
4/3/22 SSPastor Danny LinvilleA Christ Pleasing Church Pt1Revelation 3:7-10AUDIOVIDEO
4/3/22 PMPastor Danny LinvilleFaithful RemnantMalachi 3:13-18AUDIOVIDEO
4/3/22 AMPastor Danny LinvilleFruits of BitternessEsther 5:9-14AUDIOVIDEO
4-6-22_WedPastor Danny LinvilleAcid Test of Faith Pt. 4James 3:1-12AUDIOVIDEO
3/30/22 WedPastor Danny LinvilleDavid1Samuel 21AUDIONo Video
3/27/22 SSPastor Danny LinvilleBeloved DiscipleThe Gospels and ActsAUDIOVIDEO
3/27/22 PMPastor Danny LinvilleWill A Man Rob GodMalachi 3:7-12AUDIOVIDEO
3/27/22 AMPastor Danny LinvilleWit and CourageEsther 5:1-8AUDIOVIDEO
3/23/22 WedPastor Danny LinvilleAcid Test Part 3James 2:14-26AUDIOVIDEO
3/20/22 SSPastor Danny LinvilleHold FastHebrews 3:14AUDIOVIDEO
3/20/22 PMPastor Danny LinvilleTribulationMalachi 3:1-6AUDIOVIDEO
3/20/22 AMPastor Danny LinvilleThe Ultimate SacrificeEsther 4:10-17AUDIOVIDEO
3/16/22 WedPastor Danny LinvilleAcid Tests Pt. 2James 2:1-13AUDIOVIDEO
3/13/22 SSMissionary Todd BeamanMinistry Overview1Thessalonians 1AUDIOVIDEO
3/13/22 AMMissionary Todd BeamanGo And TellActs 18:1-11AUDIOVIDEO
3/9/22 WedPastor Danny LinvilleAcid Tests Of FaithJames 1:22-27AUDIOVIDEO
3/6/22 SSPastor Danny LinvilleVictory In Jesus 4Romans 8:15AUDIOVIDEO
3/6/22 PMPastor Danny LinvilleReadyMalachi 3:1-2AUDIOVIDEO
3/6/22 AMPastor Danny LinvilleA Time For ActionEsther 3:1-9AUDIOVIDEO
3/2/22 WedPastor Danny LinvilleSin's TemptationJames 1:13-21AUDIOVIDEO
2/27/22 SSPastor Danny LinvilleLiving In These Last Days2Timothy 3:1-5AUDIOVIDEO
2/27/22 PMNate TownsendTroubleshooting a Sluggish ChristianityRomans 7AUDIOVIDEO
2/27/22 AMPastor Danny LinvilleThe Powers Of EvilEsther 3:8-15AUDIOVIDEO
2/23/22 WedPastor Danny LinvilleCount It All JoyJames 1:2-12AUDIOVIDEO
2/20/22 SSPastor Danny LinvilleWith The Holy Ghost and PowerMatthew 28:19-10AUDIOVIDEO
2/20/22 PMPastor Danny LinvilleProfaned HolinessMalachi 2:11-17AUDIOVIDEO
2/20/22 AMPastor Danny LinvilleRefusing To Bow DownEsther 3:1-7AUDIOVIDEO
2/16/22 WedPastor Danny LinvilleJames: An IntroductionJames 1:1AUDIOVIDEO
2/13/22 SSPastor Danny LinvilleKnow The DoctrineJohn 7:14-24AUDIOVIDEO
2/13/22 PMPastor Danny Linville2 Sin Against The BrethrenMalachi 2:1-10AUDIOVIDEO
2/13/22 AMPastor Danny LinvilleAll Things Work TogetherEsther 2:8-23AUDIOVIDEO
2/6/22 SSPastor Danny Linville3 Christ In The SacrificesLeviticus 1-7AUDIOVIDEO
2/6/22 PMPastor Danny Linville1 In Defense Of God's LoveMalachi 1:1-14AUDIOVIDEO
2/6/22 AMPastor Danny LinvilleAll Things Work TogetherEsther 2:1-7AUDIOVIDEO
2/2/22 WedPastor Danny Linville1-2 Separation Of Church and StateRomans 13:1-2AUDIOVIDEO
1/30/22 PMPastor Danny LinvilleTo Do or Not To Do1Corinthians 6:12AUDIOVIDEO
1/26/22 WedBrother Nate TownsendPurposeJohn 13:15AUDIOVIDEO
1/23/22 SSPastor Danny Linville2 Christ In the SacrificesRomans 5:8-9AUDIOVIDEO
1/23/22 PMPastor Danny LinvilleWalking In Truth3JohnAUDIOVIDEO
1/23/22 AMPastor Danny LinvilleBad AdviceEsther 1:13-22AUDIOVIDEO
1/19/22 WedPastor Danny LinvilleTwo Officers1Timothy 3:2AUDIOVIDEO
1/16/22 SSPastor Danny Linville1 Christ In The SacrificesIsaiah 53:4-7AUDIOVIDEO
1/16/22 PMPastor Danny LinvilleMany Deceivers2John 7-13AUDIOVIDEO
1/16/22 AMPastor Danny LinvilleA Royal MessEsther 1:1-12AUDIOVIDEO
1/12/22 WedPastor Danny LinvilleSaved, Baptized, Church MembershipRomans 12:4-8AUDIOVIDEO
1/9/22 SSPastor Danny LinvilleIntroduction To EstherEzra 4:3-7AUDIOVIDEO
1/9/22 PMPastor Danny LinvilleTruth and Love2John 1-6AUDIOVIDEO
1/9/22 AMPastor Danny LinvilleFamiliarity With GodGenesis 4:2-5AUDIOVIDEO
1/5/22 WedPastor Danny LinvilleIndividual Soul LibertyJohn 8:31-36AUDIOVIDEO
1/2/22 SSPastor Danny LinvilleJohnMark 1:19AUDIOVIDEO
1/2/22 PMPastor Danny LinvilleLiving By FaithActs 10:36AUDIOVIDEO
1/2/22 AMPastor Danny LinvilleHallelujahPsalm 146AUDIOVIDEO