Sermons 2023

3/29/23 WedPastor Danny Linville The Claims Of JesusJohn 5:17-24AUDIOVIDEO
3/26/23 SSPastor Danny LinvilleLiving With Your FeelingsGenesis 3:6AUDIOVIDEO
3/26/23 AMPastor Danny LinvilleCounting All Things But LossGenesis 22:2AUDIOVIDEO
3/26/23 PMNate TownsendPreparation For God's Service2Timothy 2AUDIOVIDEO
3/22/23 WedPastor Danny LinvilleEarly Will I Seek TheePsalm 63AUDIOVIDEO
3/19/23 SSPastor Danny LinvilleThe Renewing Of Your MindLuke 11:24-25AUDIOVIDEO
3/19/23 AMPastor Danny LinvilleGive Me Your HeartIsaiah 29:13AUDIOVIDEO
3/19/23 PMPastor Danny LinvilleA Mind To WorkNehemiah 4-6AUDIOVIDEO
3/15/23 WedPastor Danny LinvilleHope In GodPsalm 43AUDIOVIDEO
3/12/23_SSPastor Danny LinvillePower of the Holy SpiritRomans 6:11AUDIOVIDEO
3/12/23_AMPastor Danny LinvillePracticing His PresenceRomans 6:11AUDIOVIDEO
3/12/23_PMPastor Danny LinvilleLessons From A Building ProjectGenesis 6:13-22AUDIOVIDEO
3/8/23 WedPastor Danny LinvilleTreasures In JustificationRomans 5:1-11AUDIOVIDEO
3/5/23 SSPastor Danny LinvilleFreedom LivingJames 1:13-14AUDIOVIDEO
3/5/23 AMPastor Danny LinvilleDo You Really Want Revival Pt.2Isaiah 59:1-2AUDIOVIDEO
3/5/23 PMPastor Danny LinvilleThe OppositionNehemiah 3-6AUDIOVIDEO
3/1/23 WedPastor Danny LinvillePraise God!Psalm 47AUDIOVIDEO
2/26/23 SSPastor Danny LinvilleGetting God's PerspectiveJames 1:8AUDIOVIDEO
2/226/23 AMPastor Danny LinvilleDo You Want RevivalJohn 17:3AUDIOVIDEO
2/26/23 PMPastor Danny Linville1 No More A ReproachNehemiah 1-2AUDIOVIDEO
2/22/23 WedBrother Nate TownsendSheba's Rebellion2Samuel 20AUDIOVIDEO
2/19/23 SSPastor Danny LinvillePutting Your Past BehindIsaiah 1:18AUDIOVIDEO
2/19/23 AMPastor Danny LinvilleThe Revival CycleJoshua 5:1-9AUDIOVIDEO
2/19/23 PMPastor Danny LinvilleA Thief In The Night2Peter 3:10-18AUDIOVIDEO
2/15/23 WedPastor Danny LinvilleYe Are The SaltMatthew 5:13AUDIOVIDEO
2/12/23 SSPastor Danny LinvilleThe Ground RulesRomans 11:33AUDIOVIDEO
2/12/23 AMPastor Danny LinvilleFirst Steps of ObedienceRomans 3:13-17AUDIOVIDEO
2/12/23 BaptismPastor Danny LinvilleBaptismal ServiceMatthew 28:19-20No AudioVIDEO
2/12/23 PMPastor Danny LinvilleWill Jesus Really Return2Peter 3:1-9AUDIOVIDEO
2/8/23 WedPastor Danny LinvilleWhat Time Is It?2Timothy 4:3AUDIOVIDEO
2/5/23 SSPastor Danny LinvilleWhy So Much Temptation1Peter 1:13-16AUDIOVIDEO
2/5/23 AMPastor Danny LinvilleWhat Doth Hinder Me To Be BaptizedActs 8:26-40AUDIOVIDEO
2/5/23 PMPastor Danny LinvilleThe Dog To His Vomit2Peter 2:19-22AUDIOVIDEO
2/1/23 WedPastor Danny LinvilleSpiritual Reproduction1Kings 19AUDIOVIDEO
1/29/23 SSPastor Danny LinvilleJacob Goes To Egypt1Samuel 21-22AUDIOVIDEO
1/29/23 AMPastor Danny LinvilleThe Priests Of NobGenesis 45:16-46:34AUDIOVIDEO
1/29/23 PMNate TownsendHypocriteMatthew 6AUDIONo Video
1/25/23 WedPastor Danny LinvilleHindered DiscipleshipLuke 9:57-62AUDIOVIDEO
1/22/23 SSPastor Danny LinvilleJoseph's Brothers ReturnGenesis 43:1 - 45:15AUDIOVIDEO
1/22/23 AMPastor Danny LinvilleGreat Is Thy FaithfulnessLamentations 3:21-26AUDIOVIDEO
1/22/23 PMPastor Danny LinvilleFive Characteristics2Peter 2:15-18AUDIOVIDEO
1/18/23 WedPastor Danny LinvilleWhy Art Thou Cast Down?Psalm 42AUDIOVIDEO
1/15/23 SSPastor Danny LinvilleJoseph's Brothers In EgyptGenesis 42AUDIOVIDEO
1/15/23 AMPastor Danny LinvilleWhere Are You Going?Matthew 19:16-22AUDIOVIDEO
1/15/23 PMPastor Danny LinvilleNatural Brute Beasts2Peter 2:10-14AUDIOVIDEO
1/11/23 WedPastor Danny LinvilleBlessedPsalm 1AUDIOVIDEO
1/8/23 SSPastor Danny LinvillePharaoh's DreamGenensis 41AUDIOVIDEO
1/8/23 AMPastor Danny LinvilleWalking With GodGenesis 5AUDIOVIDEO
1/8/23 PMPastor Danny LinvilleFalse Prophets2Peter 2:1-9AUDIOVIDEO
1/4/23 WedPastor Danny LinvilleWalk WorthyEphesians 4:1-3AUDIOVIDEO
1/1/23 AMPastor Danny LinvilleHow Frail I AmPsalm 39AUDIOVIDEO