Sermons 2023

9/27/23 WedPastor Danny LinvillePrayer, Asking In FaithMatthew 6AUDIOVIDEO
9/24/23 SSPastor Danny LinvilleDisciplines of a Church Member 21Corinthians 15:52AUDIOVIDEO
9/24/23 AMPastor Danny LinvilleEternal SecurityJohn 6:37-40AUDIOVIDEO
9/24/23 PMPastor Danny LinvillePaul The ApostleGalatians 1:10-24AUDIOVIDEO
9/20/23 WedPastor Danny LinvilleThe Straight PathHebrews 12:1-15AUDIOVIDEO
9/17/23 SSPastor Danny LinvilleDisciplines of a Church Member1Corinthians 12:27AUDIOVIDEO
9/17/23 AMPastor Danny LinvilleBread Of LifeJohn 6:22-36AUDIOVIDEO
9/17/23 PMPastor Danny LinvilleAnother GospelGalatians 1:6-9AUDIOVIDEO
9/13/23 WedPastor Danny LinvilleWrestling With The LordGenesis 32:24-32AUDIOVIDEO
9/10/23 SSPastor Danny LinvilleTrusting In The FleshIsaiah 31:1AUDIOVIDEO
9/10/23 AMPastor Danny LinvilleWalking On WaterJohn 6:15-24AUDIOVIDEO
9/10/23 PMPastor Danny LinvilleIntro To GalatiansGalatians 1:1-5AUDIOVIDEO
9/6/23 WedPastor Danny LinvilleIn The SpiritPsalms 37AUDIOVIDEO
9/3/23 SSPastor Danny LinvillePortraits of Salvation 2Hebrews 2:1-3AUDIOVIDEO
9/3/23 AMPastor Danny LinvilleFeeding Of The 5000John 6:1-14AUDIOVIDEO
9/3/23 PMPastor Danny LinvillePrayer RequestsColossians 4AUDIOVIDEO
8/30/23 WedNate TownsendElijah1Kings 19AUDIOVIDEO
8/27/23 SSPastor Danny LinvillePortraits Of SalvationGalatians 2:20AUDIOVIDEO
8/27/23 AMPastor Danny LinvilleFour WitnessesJohn 5:30-47AUDIOVIDEO
8/27/23 PMPastor Danny LinvilleProving GroundColossians 3:18-4:1AUDIOVIDEO
8/23/23 WedPastor Danny LinvilleThirsting For GodPsalm 63AUDIOVIDEO
8/20/23 SSPastor Danny LinvilleGrowing Anarchy2timothy 3:5AUDIOVIDEO
8/20/23 AMPastor Danny LinvilleTwo ResurrrectionsJohn 5:25-29AUDIOVIDEO
8/20/23 PMPastor Danny LinvillePut OnCol. 3:10-17AUDIOVIDEO
8/16/23 WedPastor Danny LinvilleShall He Find Faith?Luke 18:1-8AUDIOVIDEO
8/13/23 SSPastor Danny LinvillePlay ChristianityIsaiah 1:10-17AUDIOVIDEO
8/13/23 AMPastor Danny LinvilleThe Claims Of JesusJohn 5:17-24AUDIOVIDEO
8/13/23 PMPastor Danny LinvillePut OnColossians 3:5-9AUDIOVIDEO
8/9/23 WedPastor Danny LinvilleSelf Helps for Ministers1Timothy 4:12-16AUDIOVIDEO
8/6/23 SSPastor Danny LinvilleYou Be The Judge 21Corinthians 11:28-31AUDIOVIDEO
8/6/23 AMPastor Danny LinvilleThe Pool At BethesdaJohn 5:1-16AUDIOVIDEO
8/6/23 PMPastor Danny LinvilleA New PerspectiveColossians 3:1-4AUDIOVIDEO
8/2/23 WedPastor Danny LinvilleWhat Made Them Great 31Samuel 17:26-29AUDIOVIDEO
7/30/23 SSPastor Danny LinvilleYou Be The Judge 1Luke 6:37AUDIOVIDEO
7/30/23 AMPastor Danny LinvilleThe Nobleman's SonJohn 4:46-54AUDIOVIDEO
7/26/23 WedPastor Danny LinvilleWhat Made Them Great 2Genesis 32AUDIOVIDEO
7/23/23 SSPastor Danny LinvilleRevealing First Impressions1Kings 21:1-16AUDIOVIDEO
7/23/23 AMPastor Danny LinvilleSamaritansJohn 4:39-45AUDIOVIDEO
7/16/23 SSPastor Danny LinvilleOne Soweth, Another ReapethJohn 4:27-38AUDIOVIDEO
7/16/23 AMPastor Danny LinvilleForgetful HearersJames 1:22-25AUDIOVIDEO
7/16/23 PMPastor Danny LinvillePseudo SpiritualityColossians 2:18-23AUDIOVIDEO
7/12/24 WedPastor Danny LinvilleWhat Made Them GreatLeviticus 18:3AUDIOVIDEO
7/9/23 SSPastor Danny LinvilleThe Woman At The WellJohn 4:1-26AUDIOVIDEO
7/9/23 AMPastor Danny LinvilleComplete In HimColossians 2:10-17AUDIOVIDEO
7/9/23 PMPastor Danny LinvilleUnity DestroyersPsalm 133AUDIOVIDEO
7/5/23 WedPastor Danny LinvilleThrough Holden EyesLuke 24AUDIOVIDEO
7/2/23 SSPastor Danny LinvilleHe Must IncreaseJohn 3:22-36AUDIOVIDEO
7/2/23 AMPastor Danny LinvilleLiberty and Justice For AllLeviticus 25:8-17AUDIOVIDEO
7/2/23 PMPastor Danny LinvillePhilosophy and Vain DeceitColossians 2:8-9AUDIOVIDEO
6/28/23 WedNate TownsendWalk In The SpiritGalatians 5-6AUDIOVIDEO
6/25/23 SSPastor Danny LinvilleNicodemusJohn 3:1-21AUDIOVIDEO
6/25/23 AMPastor Danny LinvillePrepare To WorshipIsaiah 6:1-5AUDIOVIDEO
6/25/23 PMPastor Danny LinvilleEnticing WordsColossians 2:1-7AUDIOVIDEO
6/21/23 WedPastor Danny LinvilleProtrait Of HumanityPsalm 14:1-3AUDIOVIDEO
6/18/23 SSPastor Danny LinvilleIn Defense Of The TempleJohn 2:13-25AUDIOVIDEO
6/18/23 AMPastor Danny LinvilleWho Is A Wise Man?James 3:13-18AUDIOVIDEO
6/18/23 PMPastor Danny LinvilleThe Hope Of GloryColossians 1:23-29AUDIOVIDEO
6/14/23 WedPastor Danny LinvilleJehovah-JirehHaggai 1AUDIOVIDEO
6/11/23 SSPastor Danny LinvilleMiracle At CanaJohn 2:1-12AUDIOVIDEO
6/11/23 AMPastor Danny LinvilleKing Of The HillPsalm 2AUDIOVIDEO
6/11/23 PMPastor Danny LinvilleReconciledColossians 1:20-23AUDIOVIDEO
6/7/23 WedPastor Danny LinvilleAt Your DisposalLuke 16:1-13AUDIOVIDEO
6/4/23 SSPastor Danny LinvilleWhat Seek Ye?John 1:35-51AUDIOVIDEO
6/4/23 AMPastor Danny LinvilleThe Spirit Of FearMatthew 10AUDIOVIDEO
6/4/23 PMPastor Danny LinvillePresenting ChristColossians 1:15-19AUDIOVIDEO
5/31/23 WedPastor Danny LinvilleHelp For The RighteousPsalm 37:31-40AUDIOVIDEO
5/28/23 SSPastor Danny LinvilleThe Lamb Of GodJohn 1:29-34AUDIOVIDEO
5/28/23 AMPastor Danny LinvilleThe Battle Is Not Yours2Chronicles 20:1-30AUDIOVIDEO
5/28/23 PMNate TownsendA View To PursuePhilippians 3AUDIOVIDEO
5/24/23 WedPastor Danny LinvilleSteps of a Good ManPsalm 37:23-31AUDIOVIDEO
5/21/23 SSPastor Danny LinvilleThe Word Made FleshJohn 1:14-28AUDIOVIDEO
5/21/23 AMPastor Danny LinvilleTo The Least Of TheseMatthew 25:31-46AUDIOVIDEO
5/17/23 WedPastor Danny Linville The Wicked and the UprightPsalm 37:9-22AUDIOVIDEO
5/14/23 SSPastor Danny LinvilleA Man From GodJohn 1:6-14AUDIOVIDEO
5/14/23 AMPastor Danny LinvilleRuthRuth 1-4AUDIOVIDEO
5/14/23 PMPastor Danny LinvillePrayer For the SaintsColossians 1:9-14AUDIOVIDEO
5/7/23 SSPastor Danny LinvilleWho Is This JesusJohn 1:1-5AUDIOVIDEO
5/7/23 AMPastor Danny LinvilleAmerica Under AttackRomans 12:19AUDIOVIDEO
5/7/23 PMPastor Danny LinvilleColossians Salutation and ThanksgivingColossians 1:1-8AUDIOVIDEO
5/3/23 WedPastor Danny LinvilleTrust The LordPsalm 37:1-8AUDIOVIDEO
4/30/23 SSPastor Danny LinvilleTrapped AgainGalatians 5:9AUDIOVIDEO
4/30/23 AMPastor Danny LinvilleAn Appointment With GodRomans 14:11-12AUDIOVIDEO
4/30/23 PMNate TownsendThree Commands To GodlinessProverbs 23:19AUDIOVIDEO
4/26/23 WedPastor Danny LinvilleHe Is Able To Deliver TheePsalm 141AUDIOVIDEO
4/23/23 SSPastor Danny LinvilleResisting Satanic ActivityEzekial 28:14-15AUDIOVIDEO
4/23/23 AMPastor Danny LinvilleIf Ye Love MeRevelation 2:2-4AUDIOVIDEO
4/23/23 PMMissionary Pastor Paul HitzThe Heavens DeclarePsalm 19AUDIOVIDEO
4/16/23 SSPastor Danny LinvilleIntercessionLuke 22:31AUDIOVIDEO
4/16/23 AMPastor Danny LinvilleBroken ToolsPsalm 40:8AUDIOVIDEO
4/16/23 PMPastor Danny LinvilleKeeping The Fire KindledNehemiah 11-13AUDIOVIDEO
4/12/23 WedPastor Danny LinvilleFollowers Of GodEphesians 5:1AUDIOVIDEO
4/9/23 SSPastor Danny LinvilleThe Seven Last SayingsLuke 23:34AUDIOVIDEO
4/9/23 AMPastor Danny LinvilleWhat Will You Do With Jesus?Matthew 27:22AUDIOVIDEO
4/9/23 PMPastor Danny LinvilleThe Steps Of RevivalNehemiah 8-10AUDIOVIDEO
4/2/23 SSPastor Danny LinvilleThe Taming Of Your WillGalatians 6:8AUDIOVIDEO
4/2/23 AMPastor Danny LinvilleNext To The Last Sayings...The GospelsAUDIOVIDEO
4/2/23 PMPastor Danny LinvilleFollowers Of GodEphesians 5:1AUDIOVIDEO
3/29/23 WedPastor Danny Linville The Claims Of JesusJohn 5:17-24AUDIOVIDEO
3/26/23 SSPastor Danny LinvilleLiving With Your FeelingsGenesis 3:6AUDIOVIDEO
3/26/23 AMPastor Danny LinvilleCounting All Things But LossGenesis 22:2AUDIOVIDEO
3/26/23 PMNate TownsendPreparation For God's Service2Timothy 2AUDIOVIDEO
3/22/23 WedPastor Danny LinvilleEarly Will I Seek TheePsalm 63AUDIOVIDEO
3/19/23 SSPastor Danny LinvilleThe Renewing Of Your MindLuke 11:24-25AUDIOVIDEO
3/19/23 AMPastor Danny LinvilleGive Me Your HeartIsaiah 29:13AUDIOVIDEO
3/19/23 PMPastor Danny LinvilleA Mind To WorkNehemiah 4-6AUDIOVIDEO
3/15/23 WedPastor Danny LinvilleHope In GodPsalm 43AUDIOVIDEO
3/12/23_SSPastor Danny LinvillePower of the Holy SpiritRomans 6:11AUDIOVIDEO
3/12/23_AMPastor Danny LinvillePracticing His PresenceRomans 6:11AUDIOVIDEO
3/12/23_PMPastor Danny LinvilleLessons From A Building ProjectGenesis 6:13-22AUDIOVIDEO
3/8/23 WedPastor Danny LinvilleTreasures In JustificationRomans 5:1-11AUDIOVIDEO
3/5/23 SSPastor Danny LinvilleFreedom LivingJames 1:13-14AUDIOVIDEO
3/5/23 AMPastor Danny LinvilleDo You Really Want Revival Pt.2Isaiah 59:1-2AUDIOVIDEO
3/5/23 PMPastor Danny LinvilleThe OppositionNehemiah 3-6AUDIOVIDEO
3/1/23 WedPastor Danny LinvillePraise God!Psalm 47AUDIOVIDEO
2/26/23 SSPastor Danny LinvilleGetting God's PerspectiveJames 1:8AUDIOVIDEO
2/226/23 AMPastor Danny LinvilleDo You Want RevivalJohn 17:3AUDIOVIDEO
2/26/23 PMPastor Danny Linville1 No More A ReproachNehemiah 1-2AUDIOVIDEO
2/22/23 WedBrother Nate TownsendSheba's Rebellion2Samuel 20AUDIOVIDEO
2/19/23 SSPastor Danny LinvillePutting Your Past BehindIsaiah 1:18AUDIOVIDEO
2/19/23 AMPastor Danny LinvilleThe Revival CycleJoshua 5:1-9AUDIOVIDEO
2/19/23 PMPastor Danny LinvilleA Thief In The Night2Peter 3:10-18AUDIOVIDEO
2/15/23 WedPastor Danny LinvilleYe Are The SaltMatthew 5:13AUDIOVIDEO
2/12/23 SSPastor Danny LinvilleThe Ground RulesRomans 11:33AUDIOVIDEO
2/12/23 AMPastor Danny LinvilleFirst Steps of ObedienceRomans 3:13-17AUDIOVIDEO
2/12/23 BaptismPastor Danny LinvilleBaptismal ServiceMatthew 28:19-20No AudioVIDEO
2/12/23 PMPastor Danny LinvilleWill Jesus Really Return2Peter 3:1-9AUDIOVIDEO
2/8/23 WedPastor Danny LinvilleWhat Time Is It?2Timothy 4:3AUDIOVIDEO
2/5/23 SSPastor Danny LinvilleWhy So Much Temptation1Peter 1:13-16AUDIOVIDEO
2/5/23 AMPastor Danny LinvilleWhat Doth Hinder Me To Be BaptizedActs 8:26-40AUDIOVIDEO
2/5/23 PMPastor Danny LinvilleThe Dog To His Vomit2Peter 2:19-22AUDIOVIDEO
2/1/23 WedPastor Danny LinvilleSpiritual Reproduction1Kings 19AUDIOVIDEO
1/29/23 SSPastor Danny LinvilleJacob Goes To Egypt1Samuel 21-22AUDIOVIDEO
1/29/23 AMPastor Danny LinvilleThe Priests Of NobGenesis 45:16-46:34AUDIOVIDEO
1/29/23 PMNate TownsendHypocriteMatthew 6AUDIONo Video
1/25/23 WedPastor Danny LinvilleHindered DiscipleshipLuke 9:57-62AUDIOVIDEO
1/22/23 SSPastor Danny LinvilleJoseph's Brothers ReturnGenesis 43:1 - 45:15AUDIOVIDEO
1/22/23 AMPastor Danny LinvilleGreat Is Thy FaithfulnessLamentations 3:21-26AUDIOVIDEO
1/22/23 PMPastor Danny LinvilleFive Characteristics2Peter 2:15-18AUDIOVIDEO
1/18/23 WedPastor Danny LinvilleWhy Art Thou Cast Down?Psalm 42AUDIOVIDEO
1/15/23 SSPastor Danny LinvilleJoseph's Brothers In EgyptGenesis 42AUDIOVIDEO
1/15/23 AMPastor Danny LinvilleWhere Are You Going?Matthew 19:16-22AUDIOVIDEO
1/15/23 PMPastor Danny LinvilleNatural Brute Beasts2Peter 2:10-14AUDIOVIDEO
1/11/23 WedPastor Danny LinvilleBlessedPsalm 1AUDIOVIDEO
1/8/23 SSPastor Danny LinvillePharaoh's DreamGenensis 41AUDIOVIDEO
1/8/23 AMPastor Danny LinvilleWalking With GodGenesis 5AUDIOVIDEO
1/8/23 PMPastor Danny LinvilleFalse Prophets2Peter 2:1-9AUDIOVIDEO
1/4/23 WedPastor Danny LinvilleWalk WorthyEphesians 4:1-3AUDIOVIDEO