Sermons 2020

12/30/20 WedBrother Nate TownsendDealing With ProblemsPsalm 119:25-32AUDIOVIDEO
12/27/20 SSPastor Danny LinvilleDiscipline Of A Leader1Tim. 3:1-7AUDIOVIDEO
12/27/20 AMPastor Danny LinvilleWhat Do You Expect, Lord?Micah 6:1-8AUDIOVIDEO
12/27/20 PMPastor Danny LinvilleAbimelech, PrideJudges 9:7-21AUDIOVIDEO
12/23/20 WedPastor Danny LinvilleWhat's A Church To Do? Pt. 2Revelation 2-3AUDIOVIDEO
12/20/20 SSPastor Danny LinvilleChristmas in the OTIsaiah 9:1-7AUDIOVIDEO
12/20/20 AMPastor Danny LinvilleWhy Do You Seek Jesus?Matthew and LukeAUDIOVIDEO
12/20/20 PMPastor Danny LinvilleAbimelech: Pride Before DestructionJudges 9:1-6AUDIOVIDEO
12/16/20 WedPastor Danny LinvilleWhat's A Church To Do? Pt. 1Revelation 2:5AUDIOVIDEO
12/13/20 SSBrother Nate TownsendIsaiah: SurveyIsaiahAUDIOVIDEO
12/13/20Chime ChoirO Come All Ye FaithfulSongAUDIOVIDEO
12/13/20Chime ChoirHow Great Our JoySongAUDIOVIDEO
12/13/20 AMPastor Danny LinvilleIntimacy With GodExodus 33AUDIOVIDEO
12/13/20 PMPastor Danny LinvilleGideon: BackslidingJudges 8:22-34AUDIOVIDEO
12/6/20 PMChime ChoirO Worship The KingHymn TextAUDIOVIDEO
12/6/20 PMPastor Danny LinvilleSigns Of The TimesMatt. 16: 1-4AUDIOVIDEO
12/2/20 WedPastor Danny LinvilleLessons From The StormActs 27AUDIOVIDEO
11/29/20 SSPastor Danny LinvilleMotivationProv. 23:7AUDIOVIDEO
11/29/20 AMPastor Danny LinvilleGideon: DivisionJudges 8:1-21AUDIOVIDEO
11/29/20 PMBrother Nate TownsendThe Big PictureMalachi 3AUDIOVIDEO
11/25/20 WedPastor Danny LinvillePraise The Lord Pt 2Psalm 116:9-19AUDIOVIDEO
11/22/20 AMPastor Danny LinvillePraise The LORD!Psalm 116:1-8AUDIOVIDEO
11/18/20 WedPastor Danny LinvilleAnd He Loves MeDaniel 9AUDIOVIDEO
11/15/20 AMPastor Danny LinvilleGideon: The BattleJudges 7:16-25AUDIOVIDEO
11/11/20 WedPastor Danny LinvilleBeginnings Pt 2James 1AUDIOVIDEO
11/8/20 SSPastor Danny LinvilleGideon's 300 MenJudges 7:1-15AUDIOVIDEO
11/8/20 AMPastor Danny LinvilleA Hard Right (Pt 3)Daniel 1, 3, 6AUDIOVIDEO
11/8/20 PMPastor Danny LinvillePersonal GreetingsRomans 16AUDIOVIDEO
11/04/20 WedPastor Danny LinvilleBeginningsGenesis 1AUDIOVIDEO
11/01/20 SSPastor Danny LinvilleGideon, Proof PositiveJudges 6:33-40AUDIOVIDEO
11/01/20 AMPastor Danny LinvilleA Hard RightMatthew 5:13AUDIOVIDEO
11/01/20 PMPastor Danny LinvilleFrom Jerusalem to RomeRomans 15:22-33AUDIOVIDEO
10/28/20 WedPastor Danny LinvilleThey Have Their RewardMatthew 6AUDIONo Video
10/25/20 SSBrother Nathan TownsendChoosing GodJoshua 24:15AUDIOVIDEO
10/25/20 AMPastor Danny LinvilleA Hard Right (Pt 1)Matthew 16:21-23AUDIOVIDEO
10/25/20 PMPastor Danny LinvilleWhy Romans?Romans 15:14-21AUDIOVIDEO
10/21/20 WedPastor LinvilleWhere Is Your Treasure?Matthew 6:19-21AUDIOVIDEO
10/18/20 SSPastor Bruce TownsendWhom Shall I Send?Ezekiel 22AUDIOVIDEO
10/18/20 AMPastor Paul AndersonCharge To The ChurchJohn 1AUDIOVIDEO
10/18/20 PMPastor Tim KellyCharge To The CandidateGalatians 2AUDIOVIDEO
10/14/20 WedPastor Danny LinvilleEither Way I WinDaniel 3AUDIONo Video
10/11/20 SSBrother Nathan TownsendAmos and JonahAmos and JonahAUDIOVIDEO
10/11/20 PMPastor Danny LinvilleDiscounted MinistriesJudges 4AUDIOVIDEO
10/11/20 PMPastor Danny LinvilleReceive Ye One AnotherRomans 15:4-13AUDIOVIDEO
10/4/20 SSPastor Danny LinvilleGideon: Growing A FaithJudges 6:25-32AUDIOVIDEO
10/4/20 AMPastor Danny LinvilleOrdinationMultiple PassagesAUDIOVIDEO
10/4/20PMPastor Danny LinvilleTo EdificationRomans 14:22-15:3AUDIOVIDEO
9/27/20 SSPastor Danny LinvilleKnowledge of Him2Peter 1:1-8AUDIOVIDEO
9/27/20 AMPastor Danny LinvilleSufficient In HimPhilippians 4:10-22AUDIOVIDEO
9/27/20 PMPastor Danny LinvilleThy Brother StumblethRomans 14:13-21AUDIOVIDEO
9/23/20 WedPastor Danny LinvilleBloody Hands or Dusty FeetEzekiel 33:1-9AUDIONo Video
9/20/20 SSPastor Danny LinvilleGideon Pt 2Judges 6:17-24AUDIOVIDEO
920/20 AMPastor Danny LinvillePeacePhilippians 4:2-9AUDIOVIDEO
9/20/20 PMPastor Danny LinvilleLet Every ManRomans 14:5-12AUDIOVIDEO
9/16/20 Wed.Pastor Danny LinvilleThe Real Thing2Corinthians 6AUDIONo Video
9/13/20 SSPastor Danny LinvilleGideon, The 6th JudgeJudges 6:1-16AUDIOVIDEO
9/13/20 AMPastor Danny LinvilleTo Know ChristPhilippians 3:10-4:1AUDIOVIDEO
9/13/20 PMPastor Danny LinvilleJudge Not Despise NotRomans 14:1-4AUDIOVIDEO
9/9/20 Wed.Pastor Danny LinvilleA Servants PerspectiveLuke 17:7-10AUDIONo Video
9/6/20 SSPastor Danny LinvilleDeborah and Barak Pt 3Judges 5AUDIONo Video
9/6/20 AMPastor Danny LinvilleBewarePhilippians 3:1-9AUDIOVIDEO
9/6/20 PMPastor Danny LinvilleOwe No Man AnythingRomans 13:8-14AUDIOVIDEO
9/2/20 Wed.Pastor Danny LinvilleBringing In The SheavesPsalm 126AUDIONo Video
8/30/20 AMPastor Danny LinvilleMinistersPhilippians 2:19-30AUDIOVIDEO
8/26/20 Wed.Pastor Danny LinvilleOvercomer In Day of Apostasy1Timothy 4AUDIONo Video
8/23/20 ChimesChime ChoirNearer My God To TheePsalms 73:28AUDIOVIDEO
8/23/20 SSBro. Nathan TownsendMinor ProphetsJoel and JonahAUDIOVIDEO
8/23/20 AMPastor Danny LinvilleLights In The DarknessPhilippians 2:12-18AUDIOVIDEO
8/23/20 PMPastor Danny LinvilleTaxesRomans 13:6-7AUDIOVIDEO
8/19/20 Wed.Pastor Danny LinvilleTestimony Of Our Conscience2Corinthians 1:12AUDIONo Video
8/16/20 SSBro. Nate TownsendObadiahObadiahAUDIOVIDEO
8/16/20 AMPastor Danny LinvilleThe Form Of A ServantPhilippians 2:1-11AUDIOVIDEO
8/16/20 PMPastor Danny LinvilleThe Powers That Be (PT2)Romans 13:1-5AUDIOVIDEO
8/12/20 Wed.Pastor Danny LinvilleThe Worth Of A Testimony1Tim. 4:1-12AUDIONo Video
8/9/20 SSBro. Nate TownsendBible DatesMultipleAUDIOVIDEO
8/9/20 AMPastor Danny LinvilleA Strait Betwixt TwoPhilippians 1:22-30AUDIOVIDEO
8/9/20 PMPastor Danny LinvilleThe Powers That BeRomans 13:1AUDIOVIDEO
08/05/20 Wed.Pastor Danny LinvilleA Heart Fit For Worship1Sam. 16 and John 2AUDIONo Video
08/02/20 SSBro. Nate TownsendBlessed Is The ManPsalm 119:1-8AUDIOVIDEO
08/02/20 AMPastor Danny LinvilleTo Live Is ChristPhilippians 1:19-21AUDIOVIDEO
08/02/20 PMPastor Danny LinvillePrescription For A Healthy Church 2Romans 12:9-21AUDIOVIDEO
07/29/20 PMPastor Danny LinvilleTo Dwell In The LandDeuteronomy 27-30AUDIONo Video
7/26/20 SSPastor Danny LinvilleShew Thyself A ManEphesians 5AUDIOVIDEO
7/26/20 AMPastor Danny LinvillePreaching ChristPhilippians 1:12-18AUDIOVIDEO
7/26/20 PMPastor Danny LinvillePrescription For A Healthy ChurchRomans 12:9-21AUDIOVIDEO
7/22/20 PMPastor Danny LinvilleAudience With The LordHebrews 10:19-25AUDIONo Video
7/19/20 SSBro. Nate TownsendProgressive SanctificationMultipleAUDIOVIDEO
7/19/20 AMPastor Danny LinvilleA Prayer For The SaintsPhilippians 1:8-11AUDIOVIDEO
7/19/20 PMPastor Danny LinvilleOne BodyRomans 12:3-8AUDIOVIDEO
7/15/20 PMPastor Danny LinvilleDare To Be DifferentMatthew 5:13-16AUDIONo Video
7/12/20 SSBro. Nate TownsendSalvationJohn 3:16AUDIOVIDEO
7/12/20 AMPastor Danny LinvilleUpon Every RemembrancePhilippians 1:1-7AUDIOVIDEO
7/12/20 PMPastor Danny LinvilleLiving SacrificeRomans 12:1-2AUDIOVIDEO
7/8/20 pmPastor Danny LinvilleThe Battle Is The Lord's2Corinthians 10AUDIONo Video
7/5/20 ssBro. Nathan TownsendThe Doctrine Of SinRomans/EphesiansAUDIONo Video
7/5/20 amPastor Danny LinvilleDeborah and Barak pt 2Judges 4:12-24AUDIOVIDEO
7/5/20 pmPastor Danny LinvilleThe Perfect PlanRomans 11:25-36AUDIOVIDEO
7/1/20 pmPastor Danny LinvilleWho Do You Think You Are?1Cor. 4:6-13AUDIONo Video
6/28/20 ssPastor Danny LinvilleShew Thyself A ManMultipleAUDIONo Video
6/28/20 amPastor Danny LinvilleDeborah and Barak 4/5Judges 4:1-10AUDIOVIDEO
6/28/20 pmPastor Danny LinvilleThe Wild Olive TreeRomans 11:12-24AUDIOVIDEO
6/21/20 amPastor Danny LinvilleShamgar, The Third JudgeJudges 3:31AUDIOVIDEO
6/21/20 pmPastor Danny LinvilleIf By GraceRomans 11:1-11AUDIONo Video
6/14/20 amPastor Danny LinvilleEhud: The Second JudgeJudges 3:12-30AUDIOVIDEO
6/14/20 pmPastor Danny LinvilleFaith Cometh By HearingRomans 10:14-21AUDIOVIDEO
6/10/20 pmPastor Danny Linville3 Spiritual ConditionsI Corinthians 2:12 - 3:3AUDIONo Video
6/7/20 amPastor Danny LinvilleOthniel: The First JudgeJudges 3:5-11AUDIOVIDEO
6/7/20 pmPastor Danny LinvilleEnd of the Law for RighteousnessRomans 10:1-14AUDIOVIDEO
6/3/20 pmPastor Danny Linville2 Spiritual ConditionsI Corinthians 2:10-16AUDIONo Video
5/31/20 pmBro. Nathan TownsendSin No MoreIsaiah 1:1-20AUDIOVIDEO
5/27/20 pmPastor Danny Linville1 Spiritual ConditionsI Corinthians 2:9AUDIONo Video
5/24/20 amPastor Danny LinvilleJust Before The Judges (Pt 2)Judges 2:5-3:4AUDIOVIDEO
5/24/20 pmPastor Danny LinvilleRock of OffenseRomans 9:25-33AUDIOVIDEO
5/20/20 pmPastor Danny LinvilleLordship SalvationMark 5AUDIONo Video
5/17/20 amPastor Danny LinvilleJust Before The Judges (Pt 1)Judges 1:1-2:4AUDIOVIDEO
5/17/20 pmPastor Danny LinvilleMercy of the SovereignRomans 9:14-24AUDIOVIDEO
5/13/20 pmPastor Danny LinvillePerpetual AdviceI Timothy 1:1-3AUDIONo Video
5/10/20 amPastor Danny LinvilleChristian Fellowship - it is about ChristLuke 9:49-50AUDIOVIDEO
5/10/20 pmPastor Danny LinvilleChildren Of PromiseRomans 9:1-13AUDIOVIDEO
5/6/20 amPastor Danny LinvilleFaithII Peter 1AUDIONo Video
5/3/20 amPastor Danny LinvilleFellowshipII Corinthians 8:4AUDIONo Video
4/26/20 pmPastor Danny LinvilleFinding RestMatthew 11AUDIOVIDEO
4/26/20 amPastor Danny LinvilleObey God Rather Than ManActs 5:29AUDIOVIDEO
4/19/20 pmPastor Danny LinvilleMoving Forward For SureII Samuel 22:5AUDIOVIDEO
4/19/20 amPastor Danny LinvilleGrassrootsActs 1AUDIOVIDEO
4/12/20 amPastor Danny LinvilleHe Must Rise AgainJohn 20:1-10AUDIOVIDEO
4/5/20 amPastor Danny LinvilleIn Dying He Taught Us To LiveMatthew 21:1-11AUDIOVIDEO
4/5/20 pmPastor Danny LinvilleCrucifiedJohn 19:16AUDIOVIDEO
3/29/20 ssPastor Danny LinvilleIntroduction to JudgesJudgesAUDIOVIDEO
3/29/20 amPastor Danny LinvilleA Great Place to WorkJohn 6AUDIOVIDEO
3/29/20 pmPastor Danny LinvilleThe Love of GodRomans 8:35-39AUDIOVIDEO
3/22/20 ssPastor Danny LinvilleSurrenderedMark 5:1-20AUDIOVIDEO
3/22/20 amPastor Danny LinvillePeople Need PeopleII Timothy 4:9-22AUDIOVIDEO
3/22/20 pmPastor Danny LinvilleAll Things Work TogetherRomans 8:26-34AUDIOVIDEO
3/15/20 amBro Nathan TownsendWe Need Our GodPsalm 44AUDIOVIDEO
3/11/20 pmPastor Danny LinvilleDepravityGenesis 6:5AUDIONo Video
3/8/20 ssPastor Danny LinvilleThe FoeJames 4:AUDIOVIDEO
3/8/20 amPastor Danny LinvilleA Happy GoodbyeII Timothy 4:AUDIOVIDEO
3/8/20 pmPastor Danny LinvilleFuture DeliveranceRomans 8:18-25AUDIOVIDEO
3/4/20 pmPastor Danny LinvilleAbrahamGenesis 12:2AUDIONo Video
3/1/20 ssPastor Danny LinvilleAn Inward GlanceJohn 8:1AUDIOVIDEO
3/1/20 amPastor Danny LinvilleA Solemn ChargeII Timothy 4:1-AUDIOVIDEO
3/1/20 pmPastor Danny LinvilleHeirs of GodRomans 8:12-17AUDIOVIDEO
2/26/20 pmPastor Danny LinvilleBe Ye SeparateRomans 12:2AUDIONo Video
2/23/20 ssPastor Danny LinvilleShow Thyself a ManGenesis 3:16AUDIOVIDEO
2/23/20 amPastor Danny LinvilleBut We're DifferentII Timothy 3:5-17AUDIOVIDEO
2/23/20 pmBro. Nathan TownsendMeditationJoshua 1:8AUDIOVIDEO
2/19/20 pmPastor Danny LinvilleLord of Your ThoughtsPhilippians 4:8AUDIONo Video
2/16/20 ssPastor Danny LinvilleThe Way of BlessingDeuteronomy 6:10AUDIOVIDEO
2/16/20 amPastor Danny LinvilleA Look at the Last DaysII Timothy 3:1-4AUDIOVIDEO
2/16/20 pmPastor Danny LinvilleLed By the SpiritRomans 8:5-11AUDIOVIDEO
2/12/20 pmPastor Danny LinvilleWho Will Go and Work In My Field?Luke 10AUDIONo Video
2/9/20 ssPastor Danny LinvilleWhat Doth the Lord Require?Micah 6:1-9AUDIONo Video
2/5/20 pmPastor Danny LinvilleWell DressedColossians 3:5-17AUDIONo Video
2/2/20 ssPastor Danny LinvilleSecret DisciplesJohn 12:42AUDIOVIDEO
2/2/20 amPastor Danny LinvilleA Faithful SayingII Timothy 2:7-18AUDIOVIDEO
2/2/20 pmPastor Danny LinvilleAfter the SpiritRomans 8:1-4AUDIOVIDEO
1/29/20 pmPastor Danny LinvilleGod and IPsalm 61AUDIONo Video
1/26/20 ssBro. Nathan TownsendNot Always As It SeemsMatthew 6AUDIOVIDEO
1/26/20 amPastor Danny LinvilleThe Ministry of MultiplicationII Timothy 2:1-6AUDIOVIDEO
1/26/20 pmPastor Danny LinvilleThe Strife Between Two NaturesRomans 7:15-25AUDIOVIDEO
1/22/20 pmPastor Danny LinvilleAs Unto The LordColossians 3AUDIONo Video
1/19/20 pmPastor Danny LinvilleBe Not AshamedII Timothy 1:8-18AUDIOVIDEO
1/15/20 pmPastor Danny LinvilleIn Light of DeliveranceI Thess. 5:12-22AUDIONo Video
1/8/20 pmPastor Danny LinvilleFacets of FaithI Corinthians 15AUDIONo Video
1/5/20 pmPastor Danny LinvillePressing OnII Timothy 1:1-7AUDIOVIDEO
1/1/20 pmPastor Danny LinvillePowerful SeedMark 4:26-34AUDIONo Video