12/29/19 ssPastor Danny LinvilleJepthah's Tragic VowJudgesAUDIOVIDEO
12/29/19 amPastor Danny LinvillePressing OnII Timothy IntroAUDIOVIDEO
12/29/19 pmPastor Danny LinvilleSin ExposedRomans 7:1-7AUDIOVIDEO
12/26/19 pmBro. Nathan TownsendHe Did Not Many Mighty Works ThereMatthew 13:58AUDION/A
12/22/19 ssPastor Danny LinvilleThe MagiMatthew 2AUDIOVIDEO
12/22/19 amPastor Danny LinvilleGod With UsJudges 6:1AUDIOVIDEO
12/22/19 pmPastor Danny LinvilleChristmas ProgramN/AVIDEO
12/18/19 pmPastor Danny LinvilleThe StarMatthew 2, Luke 1AUDION/A
12/15/19 ssPastor Danny LinvilleThe Birth of JesusMatthew 1:18-25AUDIOVIDEO
12/15/19 amPastor Danny LinvilleThe Circumcisioin and Dedication of ChristLuke 2:21-24AUDIOVIDEO
12/15/19 pmPastor Danny LinvilleFree From the LawRomans 7:1-6AUDIOVIDEO
12/8/19 ssPastor Danny LinvilleThe Preexistent ChristJohn 1:1-18AUDIOVIDEO
12/8/19 amPastor Danny LinvilleThe AnnouncementLuke 1:26-38AUDIOVIDEO
12/8/19 pmPastor Danny LinvilleServants of RighteousnessRomans 6:12-23AUDIOVIDEO
12/4/19 pmPastor Danny LinvilleBasic Biblical Interpretation Part 2II Corinthians 4:4AUDION/A
12/1/19 ssPastor Danny LinvilleIn Spite of Stones Acts 6AUDIOVIDEO
12/1/19 amPastor Danny LinvilleAll in One and One in All Ephesians 4AUDIOVIDEO
12/1/19 pmPastor Danny LinvilleDeliverance From SinRomans 6:1-11AUDIOVIDEO
11/27/19 pmPastor Danny LinvilleBasic Biblical Interpretation Acts 8AUDION/A
11/24/19 ssPastor Danny LinvilleThe Price for PurityPsalm 24AUDIOVIDEO
11/24/19 amPastor Danny LinvilleBut Where Are the Nine?Luke 17:11-19AUDIOVIDEO
11/24/19 pmBro. Nathan TownsendThe Battle for Your MindRomans 7:24-25AUDIOVIDEO
11/20/19 pmPastor Danny LinvilleJohn The BaptistMark 1AUDION/A
11/17/19 ssPastor Danny LinvilleA House DividedMatthew 12AUDIOVIDEO
11/17/19 amPastor Danny LinvilleThat Which Was Right2 ChroniclesAUDIOVIDEO
11/13/19 pmPastor Danny LinvilleLike John The BaptistLuke 1:15AUDION/A
11/10/19 ssPastor Danny LinvilleReceive Him As MyselfPhilemon 17-25AUDIOVIDEO
11/10/19 amPastor Danny LinvilleThe Good PartLuke 10:38-42AUDIOVIDEO
11/10/19 pmPastor Danny LinvilleBy One ManRomans 5:12-21AUDIOVIDEO
11/6/19 pmPastor Danny LinvillePeter - Part 7Galatians 2:11-14AUDION/A
11/3/19 ssBro. Nate TownsendContrasts in ConquestsI Samuel 13AUDIOVIDEO
11/3/19 amPastor Danny LinvilleLater Lord1 Samuel 2-3AUDIOVIDEO
11/3/19 pmPastor Danny LinvilleThe Fruits Of JustificationRomans 5:1-11AUDIOVIDEO
10/30/19 pmBro. Nathan TownsendPsalm 25AUDION/A
10/27/19 ssPastor Danny LinvilleModel IntercessionPhilemonAUDIOVIDEO
10/27/19 amPastor Danny LinvilleFeeding the Fire of Your HeartPsalm 39:1-11AUDIOVIDEO
10/27/19 pmPastor Danny LinvilleFather AbrahamRomans 4:13-25AUDIOVIDEO
10/23/19 pmPastor Danny LinvillePeter – Part 6ActsAUDION/A
10/20/19 ssDr. Charles SurrettJobJob 10AUDIOVIDEO
10/20/19 amDr. Charles SurrettJob’s Unshakable FaithJob 13AUDIOVIDEO
10/20/19 pmDr. Charles SurrettFinding God in TroubleJob 23AUDIOVIDEO
10/19/19 pmDr. Charles SurrettFollow Your HeartJob 6AUDIOVIDEO
10/18/19 pmDr. Charles SurrettThe Greatness of JobJob 1AUDION/A
10/16/19 pmPastor Danny LinvillePeter – Part 5ActsAUDION/A
10/13/19 ssPastor Danny LinvilleRefreshing the HeartPhilemonAUDIOVIDEO
10/13/19 amPastor Danny LinvilleThe Price of RevivalEphesians 4AUDIOVIDEO
10/13/19 pmPastor Danny LinvilleJustification IllustratedRomans 4:1-12AUDIOVIDEO
10/9/19 pmPastor Danny LinvillePeter – Part 4JohnAUDION/A
10/6/19 ssPastor Danny LinvillePhilemonPhilemonAUDIOVIDEO
10/6/19 amPastor Danny LinvilleThe Christian MindsetII Timothy 1:7AUDIOVIDEO
10/6/19 pmPastor Danny LinvilleJustified by FaithRomans 3:21-31AUDIOVIDEO
10/2/19 pmPastor Danny LinvillePeter – Part 3LukeAUDION/A
9/29/19 ssPastor Danny LinvillePreparing to ContendJudeAUDION/A
9/29/19 amPastor Danny LinvilleThe Lord is My…II Samuel 22:2-3AUDIOVIDEO
9/29/19 pmPastor Danny LinvilleNo, Not OneRomans 3:9-20AUDIOVIDEO
9/22/19 ssPastor Danny LinvilleThe Enemy DescribedJudeAUDION/A
9/22/19 amPastor Danny LinvilleThe Lord is My…Exodus 15:2AUDIOVIDEO
9/22/19 pmPastor Danny LinvilleJewish AdvantageRomans 3:1-8AUDIOVIDEO
9/18/19 pmPastor Danny LinvillePeter – Part 2MatthewAUDION/A
9/15/19 ssPastor Danny LinvilleEarnestly ContendingJudeAUDION/A
9/15/19 amPastor Danny LinvilleRedeemedRuth 4AUDIOVIDEO
9/15/19 pmPastor Danny LinvilleA Real JewRomans 2:17-29AUDIOVIDEO
9/11/19 pmPastor Danny LinvillePeter – Part 1MatthewAUDION/A
9/8/19 ssPastor Danny LinvilleA Spot in the Sea of White2Samuel 2:12-13AUDION/A
9/8/19 amPastor Danny LinvilleKinsman RedeemerRuth 3AUDIOVIDEO
9/8/19 pmPastor Danny LinvilleWhen God Shall JudgeRomans 2:7-16AUDIOVIDEO
9/4/19 pmPastor Danny LinvilleDiscribing a ChristianRomans 8:16AUDION/A
9/1/19 ssPastor Danny LinvillePerseverance of the SaintsMatthew 23:37AUDION/A
9/1/19 amPastor Danny LinvilleHandfuls on PurposeRuth 2AUDIOVIDEO
9/1/19 pmPastor Danny LinvilleGuilty JudgeRomans 2:1-6AUDIOVIDEO
8/28/19 pmPastor Danny LinvilleI Am Thy SaviorIsaiah 43:1-7AUDION/A
8/25/19 ssPastor Danny LinvilleIrresistible GraceAUDION/A
8/25/19 amPastor Danny LinvilleKinsman RedeemerRuth 1AUDIOVIDEO
8/25/19 pmBro. Nathan TownsendRight WorshipMicah 6:6-8AUDIOVIDEO
8/18/19 ssPastor Danny LinvilleLimitied AtonementAUDION/A
8/18/19 amPastor Danny LinvilleFuture DeliveranceHaggai 2:20-23AUDIOVIDEO
8/18/19 pmPastor Danny LinvilleBy Suppressing the TruthRomans 1:21-32AUDIOVIDEO
8/11/19 ssPastor Danny LinvilleUnconditionial Election RefutedAUDION/A
8/11/19 amPastor Danny LinvilleFrom Rubble to RichesHaggai 2:10-19AUDIOVIDEO
8/11/19 pmPastor Danny LinvilleGuilty Before GodRomans 1:18-20AUDIOVIDEO
8/7/19 pmPastor Danny LinvillePrayerNehemiahAUDION/A
8/4/19 ssPastor Danny LinvilleUnconditionial ElectionAUDION/A
8/4/19 amPastor Danny LinvilleBe Strong and WorkHaggai 2:1-9AUDIOVIDEO
8/4/19 pmPastor Danny LinvilleThe Heart of PaulRomans 1:13-17AUDIOVIDEO
7/31/19 pmPastor Danny LinvilleAs A ChildII Timothy 3:1-3AUDION/A
7/28/19 ssPastor Danny LinvilleTotal DepravityAUDION/A
7/28/19 amBro. Nathan TownsendIn His PresencePsalm 24AUDIOVIDEO
7/28/19 pmPastor Danny LinvilleA Desire To See YouRomans 1:8-13AUDIOVIDEO
7/24/19 pmPastor Danny LinvilleSet ApartJudges 17:6AUDION/A
7/21/19 ssPastor Danny LinvilleTotal DepravityAUDION/A
7/21/19Chime ChoirSelectionsAUDIOVIDEO
7/21/19 amPastor Danny LinvilleWhen God’s People Get RightHaggai 1:12-15AUDIOVIDEO
7/17/19 pmPastor Danny LinvilleWhat’s My Salvation WorthMatthew 16:26AUDION/A
7/14/19 ssPastor Danny LinvilleCalvinism IntroductionAUDION/A
7/14/19 amPastor Danny LinvilleBlessings ForfeitedHaggai 1:1-11AUDIOVIDEO
7/14/19 pmPastor Danny LinvilleTogether in ChristRomans 1:1-7AUDIOVIDEO
7/10/19 pmPastor Danny LinvilleRestoring Our BrothersLuke 17:3-4AUDION/A
7/7/19 ssPastor Danny LinvilleHabakkuk’s ResponseHabakkukAUDION/A
7/7/19 amPastor Danny LinvilleThe Last WordsI Cor. 16:13-14AUDIOVIDEO
7/7/19 pmPastor Danny LinvilleIntroduction to RomansAUDIOVIDEO
7/3/19 pmPastor Danny LinvilleFalse ProphetsAUDION/A
6/30/19 ssPastor Danny LinvilleA Song of WoeHabakkukAUDION/A
6/30/19 amPastor Danny LinvilleOur Refuge and StrenthPsalm 46AUDIOVIDEO
6/30/19 pmPastor Danny LinvilleAm I A Soldier? (Pt.3)Judges 3AUDIOVIDEO
6/26/19 pmBro. Nathan TownsendSuccessJoshua 1:1-9AUDION/A
6/23/19 ssPastor Danny LinvilleWhy?HabakkukAUDION/A
6/23/19 amPastor Danny LinvilleGo and PreachMark 16:9-20AUDIOVIDEO
6/23/19 pmPastor Danny LinvilleAm I A Soldier? (Pt.2)Numbers 33:55AUDIOVIDEO
6/19/19 pmPastor Danny LinvilleThe Absolute TruthMatthew 5AUDION/A
6/16/19 ssPastor Danny LinvilleHow Long?HabakkukAUDION/A
6/16/19Chime ChoirSelectionsAUDIOVIDEO
6/16/19 amPastor Danny LinvilleA Tribute to JosephMatthew 1:16AUDIOVIDEO
6/16/19 pmPastor Danny LinvilleAm I A Soldier?Genesis 15:12-16AUDIOVIDEO
6/12/19 pmPastor Danny LinvilleStepping Over the EdgeEphesians 5AUDION/A
6/9/19 ssPastor Danny LinvilleThat I Might Know HimPsalm 24AUDION/A
6/9/19 amPastor Danny LinvilleHe is RisenMark 16:1-8AUDIOVIDEO
6/9/19 pmPastor Danny LinvilleVisionAUDIOVIDEO
6/2/19 ssMissionary Ben SinclairDon’t Worry But WorshipPhilippians 4:6-7AUDION/A
6/2/19 amMissionary Ben SinclairCount the CostLuke 14:26-30AUDIOVIDEO
6/1/19 pmMissionary Ben SinclairA Proper View of MissionsIsaiah 6AUDION/A
5/31/19 pmMissionary Ben SinclairGet With The ProgramII Timothy 2:1-4AUDION/A
5/29/19 pmPastor Danny LinvilleDescriptive TagsRomans 8:16AUDION/A
5/26/19 ssPastor Danny LinvilleAcquiring HappinessPsalm 84:4-12AUDION/A
5/26/19 amPastor Danny LinvilleAfter the CrucifixionMark 15:38-47AUDIOVIDEO
5/26/19 pmBro. Nathan TownsendThe Replacement PrincipleEphesians 4:17-32AUDIOVIDEO
5/22/19 pmPastor Danny LinvilleThe Law of FamiliarityII Samuel 6:3-12AUDION/A
5/19/19 ssPastor Danny LinvilleSeven Times OneEphesians 4:1-6AUDION/A
5/19/19 amPastor Danny LinvilleCrucifiedMark 15:24-37AUDIOVIDEO
5/19/19 pmPastor Danny LinvilleThe Rapture (Part 3)I Thess. 4:17AUDIOVIDEO
5/15/19 pmPastor Danny LinvilleThe Potter and ClayPsalm 2:9AUDION/A
5/12/19 ssPastor Danny LinvilleTo the Glory of GodI Corinthians 10:31AUDION/A
5/12/19 amPastor Danny LinvilleMothersRomans 5:6-9AUDIOVIDEO
5/12/19 pmPastor Danny LinvilleThe Rapture (Part 2)I Thess. 4:17AUDIOVIDEO
5/8/19 pmPastor Danny LinvilleThe Model PrayerMatthew 6:5-15AUDION/A
5/5/19 ssPastor Danny LinvilleBecause GodJames 1:13AUDION/A
5/5/19 amPastor Danny LinvilleThe Road to CalvaryMark 15:15-23AUDIOVIDEO
5/5/19 pmPastor Danny LinvilleThe Rapture (Part 1)I Thess. 4:17AUDIOVIDEO
5/1/19 pmPastor Danny LinvilleThe Mark of a True BelieverPhillipians 3:1-3AUDION/A
4/28/19 ssPastor Danny LinvillePositive Pictures in PersonI Cor. 10:11AUDION/A
4/28/19 amBro. Nathan TownsendPoint of DecisionJohn 21AUDIOVIDEO
4/28/19 pmPastor Danny LinvillePositive Pictures in PersonII Thess. 3:9AUDIOVIDEO
4/21/19 ssPastor Danny LinvilleThe ChoiceMark 15:1-15AUDION/A
4/21/19 amPastor Danny LinvilleHe AroseMatthew 28:1-10AUDIOVIDEO
4/21/19 pmPastor Danny LinvilleRevelation in Review (Handout)RevelationN/AVIDEO
4/17/19 pmPastor Danny LinvilleWhat’s On Your Mind?Proverbs 23:6, 8AUDION/A
4/14/19 ssPastor Danny LinvilleO Grow UpHeb. 5:11 – 6:12AUDION/A
4/14/19 amPastor Danny LinvilleThe DenialMark 14:66 – 15:5AUDIOVIDEO
4/14/19 pmPastor Danny LinvilleThe Last WordRevelation 22AUDIOVIDEO
4/7/19 ssPastor Danny LinvilleLet Go and LiveDaniel 2AUDION/A
4/7/19 amPastor Danny LinvilleWho’s on Trial HereMark 14:53-65AUDIOVIDEO
4/7/19 pmPastor Danny LinvilleOur New HomeRevelation 22:1-27AUDIOVIDEO
4/3/19 pmPastor Danny LinvilleThe Mark We Strive ForHebrews 11AUDION/A
3/31/19 ssPastor Danny LinvilleReally LivingI Thess. 5:1-9AUDION/A
3/31/19 amPastor Danny LinvilleUnder ArrestMark 14:43-52AUDIOVIDEO
3/31/19 pmPastor Danny LinvilleBefore and After the MillenniumRevelation 20:1-15AUDIOVIDEO
3/27/19 pmPastor Danny LinvilleSin’s WagesRomans 5AUDION/A
3/24/19 ssPastor Danny LinvilleMaintaining the DifferenceLeviticus 10:1-11AUDION/A
3/24/19Chime ChoirSelectionsAUDIOVIDEO
3/24/19 amPastor Danny LinvilleThe Father’s WillMark 14:32-42AUDIOVIDEO
3/24/19 pmPastor Danny LinvilleThe Second ComingRev. 19:11-21AUDIOVIDEO
3/20/19 pmPastor Danny LinvilleYou Reap What You SowGalatians 6:7-9AUDION/A
3/17/19 ssPastor Danny LinvilleWhen I Am WeakII Corinthians 12AUDION/A
3/17/19 amPastor Danny LinvilleIn RemembranceMark 14:22-31AUDIOVIDEO
3/17/19 pmPastor Danny LinvilleMarriage of the LambRevelation 19:1-10AUDIOVIDEO
3/13/19 pmPastor Danny LinvilleThe Wages of Sin is DeathRomans 5:12-14AUDION/A
3/10/19 ssPastor Danny LinvilleUnkept CommitmentJeremiah 34AUDION/A
3/10/19 amPastor Danny LinvilleThe Last PassoverMark 14:12-21AUDIOVIDEO
3/6/19 pmPastor Danny LinvilleGreat Things Part 2I Samuel 12:15-25AUDION/A
3/3/19 ssBro. Nathan TownsendSatisfaction GuaranteedPsalm 37AUDION/A
3/3/19 amPastor Danny LinvilleJesus’ AnointingMark 14:1-11AUDIOVIDEO
3/3/19 pmPastor Danny LinvilleThe Doom of Babylon Part 2Revelation 18AUDIOVIDEO
2/27/19 pmPastor Danny LinvilleGreat ThingsI Samuel 12:12-14AUDION/A
2/24/19 amPastor Danny LinvilleThe Olivet Discourse Part 3Mark 13:24-37AUDIOVIDEO
2/20/19 pmPastor Danny LinvilleSpiritual Growth2 Peter 1:1-7AUDION/A
2/17/19 ssBro. Nathan TownsendBackground and Characters of ColossiansColossians 1AUDION/A
2/17/19 amPastor Danny LinvilleThe Olivet Discourse Part 2Mark 13:14-23AUDIOVIDEO
2/17/19 pmPastor Danny LinvilleReviewRevelationAUDIOVIDEO
2/13/19 pmPastor Danny LinvilleAttitudesI John 2:15AUDION/A
2/10/19 ssBro. Nathan TownsendThank the Lord for a Good TestimonyColossians 1AUDION/A
2/10/19 amPastor Danny LinvilleThe Olivet DiscourseMark 1:1-13AUDIOVIDEO
2/10/19 pmPastor Danny LinvilleThe Doom of BabylonRevelation 17:1-18AUDIOVIDEO
2/6/19 pmPastor Danny LinvillePhariseeMatthew 23:1-12AUDION/A
2/3/19 ssBro. Nathan TownsendDo You Desire to Please the Lord?Colossians 1AUDION/A
2/3/19 amPastor Danny LinvilleIn Matters of the HeartMark 12:35-44AUDIOVIDEO
2/3/19 pmPastor Danny LinvilleThe Seven BowlsRev. 15:1-16:21AUDIOVIDEO
1/30/19 pmPastor Danny LinvilleGreat CommissionMatthew 28:19-20AUDION/A
1/27/19 ssPastor Danny LinvilleThe ConclusionEcclesiastes 12AUDION/A
1/27/19 amPastor Danny LinvilleThe Greatest CommandmentMark 12:28-34AUDIOVIDEO
1/27/19 pmPastor Danny LinvilleA Forward GlanceRev. 14:6-20AUDIOVIDEO
1/16/19 pmPastor Danny LinvillePaulAUDION/A
1/13/19 ssPastor Danny LinvilleLiving in the Light of JudgemantEcclesiastes 11AUDION/A
1/13/19 amPastor Danny LinvilleYe Do Greatly ErrMark 12:18-27AUDIOVIDEO
1/13/19 pmPastor Danny LinvilleA Forward GlanceRevelation 14:1-5AUDIOVIDEO
1/6/19 ssPastor Danny LinvilleFly in the OintmentEcclesiastes 10AUDION/A
1/6/19 amPastor Danny LinvilleRender Unto CaesarMark 12:13-17AUDIOVIDEO
1/6/19 pmPastor Danny LinvilleThe BeastRevelation 13:1-18AUDIOVIDEO
1/2/19 pmPastor Danny LinvillePaulPhilippians 3:4-9AUDION/A