It is amazing how much one’s perspective is determined by his passions.  For example, there are those whose lives revolve around politics, and everything they read is interpreted as if it were some political posturing of the author.   Others are all about sports; if it has no bearing on their sport, it is boring and unimportant.  It is true; one’s passion become the glasses through which he views the world and interprets the events of life.

  So, Which passion produces the right perspective?  Should we become more politically minded because, in reality, life revolves around American politics?  Should we focus on finances as if life were measured by how much money we have?  Should we emphasize the importance of popularity or social acceptance because, obviously, we cannot go it alone?  Should we strive to excel in academics and intellectual pursuits as if the good life were available only to the intellectually elite?  Which perspective would provide the optimal vantage point from which to view life, understand its meaning, and live it to the fullest?  Answer:  None of the above.

  The right perspective is not determined by the passions of finite beings.  Man’s perspective is comparable to studying the stars from the dark recesses of an abandoned coal mine.  He just doesn’t have access to the vantage point from which everything is clearly visible.  Pooling our resources doesn’t help either; a collection of passionate opinions from biased bigots does not constitute a clear picture of reality.  We need some outside help from someone who has the advantage of seeing things as they really are.

  Only God is in a position to define the right perspective.  Not only is He the Creator, but He has His omnipotent hands on His creation, sustaining life and maintaining the laws by which it is preserved.  God made this very point to Job when He said, “Who is this that darkeneth counsel by words without knowledge? …Where wast thou when I laid the foundations of the earth? declare, if thou hast understanding. (Job 38:2–4)”