New Beginnings

  What is it about the new year that makes it worthy of celebration?  We often hear the word resolution in conjunction with this time of year.  There are those who resolve to lose the extra poundage that secures their place in the ranks of the over-nourished.  Many will resolve, again, to forsake an old habit, or to establish a new routine.  Whatever the commitment, we content ourselves with the idea that a NEW year will afford us a new beginning— and so we celebrate.

  Do you suppose that God celebrates the new year?  It would not be hard to demonstrate from scripture that God is unaffected by the passage of time.  Man’s little gimmicks and mind games to mark the days do not impress the Almighty, and the new year does not afford us a new beginning in His eyes.

  There is however hope for those who want to start over.  God is Himself the author of new beginnings.  For those who have lived life to this point with no knowledge of His purpose for them, God’s new beginning is such a magnificent event that He refers to it as being “born again.”  Interested?  All that is required on your part is a desire to escape the bondage and consequences of sin, and a sincere confidence in His promise to save all who believe.  According to the Bible, we are all sinners and Christ came into this world to pay the penalty for sin through His death on the cross and victorious resurrection.

  To those who have already placed their trust in His saving grace, our Heavenly Father offers a new beginning whenever it is needed.  When sin destroys your joy and effectiveness, and makes you feel like life is no longer worth living, it is time for a fresh, clean start.  God’s Word tells us, “If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins, and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness. (1John 1:9).”

  Don’t expect life to change because it is January of a new year.  Look to God, the Author of New Beginnings!