Fight The Good Fight

 Chapter six of Ephesians compares the life of a Christian to that of a soldier.  If you are serious about serving the Lord, you are already aware of the spiritual battle between light and darkness that rages all around.  Ours is a diabolical enemy who methodically deceives in an effort to thwart the work of God, and discourage His people.  If you are a believer and are not cognizant of the conflict, you will likely be numbered with the casualties.

  Without armor, we are vulnerable to the devices of our most powerful Adversary.  God describes the needed armor in Ephesians.  First, He commands us to gird ourselves with objective biblical truth.  When Satan fires one of his lies in our direction, if we know the truth, we recognize the lie immediately, and its power to deceive is lost.    Secondly, we should have a rock solid resolve to do right.  Though this practical righteousness could never restore a lost man to God, the believer who reckons himself dead to sin will not be easy prey for the Enemy.

  Thirdly, a soldier must be confident that he has made peace with God through faith in Jesus Christ.  Only then can he possess the peace of God that passes all understanding.  Without this peace, the enemy will play on his insecurity and cause him to retreat for fear of standing alone.  Our fourth piece of armor is the shield of faith.  Our faith in what God has said must prove more enduring than any temptation or trial leveraged by the Evil One.

  Fifth, as he awaits the final deliverance, the soldier of the cross must keep in the forefront of his mind, that victory is sure, as promised by our Great Commander.   The last piece of armor, the Sword of the Spirit, is our only offensive weapon.  When temptation and trials come, the Sword, which is the Word of God, can be utilized to wage an offensive against the Devil.

  When we, as Christian soldiers, have armed ourselves with these tools of spiritual warfare, we are ready for the next attack.  Meanwhile, we must not sit back in lethargy or complacency, but maintain alertness, and pray without ceasing.  Only then can we “Fight the good fight of faith!” (1Timothy 6:12a).