Cooling Off

  Finally a break in the weather!  Wasn’t it great to see the rains come and relieve the drought like conditions that plagued us during this unusually hot summer?  Isn’t it nice to have some less than 90º days to work in the yard or just enjoy the great outdoors?  Finally, it’s cooling off!  We know that seasons come and go on this terrestrial ball, and though everyone looks forward to his “favorite time of year,” most folks seem to enjoy the diversity of seasons as a satisfying spice of life.

  But there is another cooling off that seems pretty obvious to those of us who watch a different kind of thermometer.  After His resurrection, Jesus was on Earth for forty days.  During that period of time, He was seen by a number of people, each of which could give a clear testimony of the resurrection.  After He met with two disciples on the road to Emmaus, one of them remarked to the other, “Did not our heart burn within us, while he talked with us by the way, and while he opened to us the scriptures? (Luke 24:32).”  They had what might be called “the fire of God” in their hearts.  This is another realm in which a change of season seems to be ushered in at present, but, would to God the temperatures would only rise.

  If you are a child of God, may I ask how that fire fares that God has kindled in your heart?  If you take a good look at those embers within, would you have to say that there is a cooling off taking place in that realm too?  Are the things of God, the ways of God and the Word of God becoming less important to you, as the things of the world, the ways of the world and the wisdom of the world vie for first place?

  Perhaps we should give serious consideration to how this spiritual cooling is affecting our nation, “One Nation Under God.”  Perhaps we should notice what effect our frigid hearts are having on the Church, the “Body of Christ.”  And most importantly, let’s consider the personal, spiritual detriment that comes from allowing God’s embers to be smothered with the waters of worldliness.  Perhaps it is time to fan the flames!!!