You’re Late For Class!

Generally speaking, one must pay to be a pupil. In spite of the persistent groans of today’s young academia, education is a privilege, not a penalty for being born into fluency. On the other hand, education is not an entitlement (i.e. something that we have a right to) just because we live in America.
When He ascended back to heaven before their very eyes, Jesus told His disciples (pupils) to go into all the world and make other disciples, teaching them all the truths that they had learned from Him during His earthly ministry. Even today, men and women of faith have the privilege of being called disciples of Christ. Our tutelage will certainly be hard and costly at times, but learning from Christ is truly a privilege, not a divine penalty imposed upon the faithful. Conversely, the Bible makes it clear that to learn at the feet of the Master is in no way an entitlement. It is not yours simply because you wish to wear the badge, “Christian.”
Unlike other teachers of our day, Jesus’ concern is for the heart as well as the mind of His pupil. He is, therefore, interested in sincere learners, rather than those who want to “try God” in hopes of experiencing some modern day miracle in the confusion they call “life.”
In Luke 14:26-35 Jesus states the prerequisites for discipleship. First, the would be disciple must have a sincere love for Him, so intense that by comparison it would dwarf our love for the closest of human relations. Secondly, Christ’s disciple must be totally surrendered, willing to lose his own identity in order to be identified with Christ. Without these qualities of heart, a disciple would likely quit, bringing reproach upon himself and the Savior. There is so much to gain, …and so much to lose.
Christian, your decision to be a disciple of Christ, is like that of a king going to battle; there are really only two options: absolute commitment to the task, OR absolute surrender to the enemy.
Ignorance is not bliss, …Hope to see you in class, soon!