What’s Happening To America?

  Our forefathers fought and died to deliver a free republic into the hands of their posterity.  Though some of them called themselves Christians and others did not, they agreed among themselves concerning the necessity of biblical principles upon which a nation could be founded and sustained.   History, when it is presented accurately, bears out the fact that these biblical principles were deeply rooted in the hearts of our early statesmen.  They often consulted the Bible in weaving the fabric of America.

  It was the stated desire of the first patriots that these principles be maintained by each succeeding generation.  But rather than maintain them, we have allowed them to be reinterpreted for us by men with corrupt minds, so that the principles, and our unity, have vastly faded.   I am confident that the signers of our constitution and those who ratified our bill of rights, did not wish to protect those with corrupt minds who by greed would undermine the very principles upon which our republic stands.

  Though examples abound, let it suffice to name these few:  The first amendment was intended to free the hands of the people and loosen their tongues so that they might freely promote new ideas or express grievances with government, neighboring states or fellow citizens.  The intent was never to protect those who, with debauched minds, would pollute the morals of masses with pornography.  There was no desire among the founders to shield those who would desecrate our flag.  They did not mandate a removal of all traces of scripture from the public eye.  Our founding fathers would have noticed the word “illegal” in the phrase “illegal immigrants,”  etc.

  Have you read the textbook that was so dear to the architects of America?  They agreed that the Word of God contains critical elements for building and sustaining a nation.  Many of our forefathers also vouched for the fact that God can be known.  Do you know Him yet?  Let’s read the Book!