The Big Picture

  According to the Bible, we all have a beginning of life, but no ending.  Every soul ever born into this world will live forever somewhere—some in the presence of God and others eternally separated from God.

  Though we never experienced it, every one of us believes that there was a world before our beginning; a world filled with people, places and things.  Some enjoy examining evidences of life on earth before their birth; we call them history buffs.  But since we cannot see, taste, touch, smell or hear anything that existed before us, most simply accept life today as the supreme evidence that there was life, time, space, energy and matter before us. 

  As for the present, we must engage in constant discovery to keep reality defined.  We grapple with things that are too small or too large to be detected by our senses.  Non-material things like invisible energy moving across the sky, undetectable gasses, invisible waves of sound and light, are barely comprehensible to most.  We simply believe elements of arguments produced by fallible experts who belong to the ever changing scientific community.

  When it comes to the future, again we cannot experience with our senses that which is not yet, and so we muse.  There are no old buildings or artifacts to uncover, no civilizations to unearth, no books written, no records to study. But, as in the past, we accept life today as the supreme evidence that there will be life, time, space, energy and matter beyond our feeble existence.

 For now, most of us purposefully and cautiously limit our perception of the whole. But, since it is obvious that there has always been more to life than meets the eye, perhaps we should carefully consider the realms that we cannot see or experience in the present.  Perhaps we need to venture a gaze into the distant past and into the future, at life, time, space, energy, matter  and more, as it existed then, or will exist—the Big Picture.

  That Big Picture will necessarily include God the Creator, it will include the eternal existence of spirit and matter.  It will include your eternal soul, either in the presence of God, or without.