Playing God

  On October 31, 2011, the Associated Press ran an article entitled Asia to Africa, 7 Billionth Babies Celebrated, by Jon Bambrell.  It was one of many articles that day with similar titles—all misleading.  Truth is, there was no apparent celebration intended, only alarm.  Another telling headline read, “The U.N. declared landmark, underscores the challenges faced by many countries in providing for the growing numbers of people on an already over stretched and crowded planet.”  Though the birthrate had declined since the early 1960s, it was not enough; the problem of “population explosion” was back in the news.  The decline in the birthrate came, in part, as a result of legalized abortion in 1973 (i.e. killing babies in their mother’s womb, or with their heads extending out of the birth canal).  Those who fought for abortion saw it as a partial cure for our “population problem.”  Since then it has become popular to euthanize seniors as well.  It is done in the name of “keeping them comfortable” during their last days, but it involves lethal doses of medications that slow their respiration and hasten death.

  And what about “Global Warming?”  Postulated by some extremists is the idea that the only solution to climate change is the eradication of human life on earth.  Only then will Mother Nature enjoy peace and prosperity.

 Most would agree that population is an issue in various urban centers of the world, but our planet is neither “stretched” nor “crowded.”  And who could deny that weather patterns are changing—but more times than not, it was hotter or colder on this day in yesteryear.

  My point is simply this; the answer is not to pay governments to cool the planet, or to take the lives of innocent children or helpless seniors.  The answer is a renewed dependence upon our Creator, Sustainer God, and a renewed commitment to allowing Him to dictate what is right or wrong, so that we might be blessed rather than chastened.  “And He is before all things, and by Him all things consist. (Colossians 1:17)”