One Or The Other

  Most would agree that our culture of capitalism and free market produces many opportunities to indulge our lust for pleasure and adventure.  Though lacking the quality and utility that us old timers had come to expect, modern advertisers promote their “must have” products in such a way that even the most conservative consumers are asking, “How much will it cost me?”  On a collective whim, our nation keeps multiplied curriers busy rushing our plastic treasures to our doorsteps.  Now we have more stuff and less money.

  In spite of our culture, the most valuable commodity of all time is still made available for FREE, though at great cost to the Producer.  God has given the life’s blood of His own Son, Jesus, to purchase forgiveness for all who will receive it by faith.  God wants to know you right now!

  Many hesitate because, in this day of consumerism, we have learned that nothing is free.  A typical response is, “Yeah right!” “What’s the catch?”  But there is no catch, the price has already been paid, and forgiveness is free to those who desire to be delivered from the consequences of sin rather than enjoy its temporal pleasures.  The choice is yours, but you must understand that one cannot desire to live in sin and be saved from it at the same time.  It’s one or the other.  Those who accept God’s forgiveness, we call “saved.”

  You should also know that salvation does not cause sin to go away, but once saved, a believer can enjoy an “Abundant Life” by exercising his God given power to do right.  Some will ask, “I knew there was a catch; how much will this power to do right cost me?”  And again the answer is, “nothing.”  God’s priceless provisions are all free to the believer, but remember, you cannot desire to live in your sin and expect to fellowship with a sinless God at the same time.”  It’s one or the other.

  Sin is a force to be reckoned with.  But forgiveness and the power to live an “abundant life” are offered freely through the Risen Christ.  If we can help you to better understand your choices, please don’t hesitate to call.