Oh My God!

  With the Covid-19 pandemic, the political and economic unrest that grips our nation, and the increasing rate of global change in almost every realm, it is not uncommon to hear someone exclaim, “Oh My God!”  In many cases, because of their foul mouths and ungodly lifestyle, one might wonder if they really believe that there is a God.

  Romans 1:19-20 tells us that the eternality and omnipotence of God can be discovered by simple observation of the things that He has created.  In reality, everyone knows there is a God.  The old adage has been proven true, “There are no atheists in foxholes.”  Romans 1:21-32; tells us that many will suppress the little knowledge they have gained by observation, supposing that if they will leave God alone, He will return the favor.  Unfortunately the Bible tells us that their wish will eventually be granted and they will experience life without God.  It is not the nature of God to force Himself on you.

  God created the heavens and the earth and all that is in them.  He is, by His very nature, Holy, Righteous, Just, Merciful and Gracious.  He will be true to His nature in dealing with all that His hands have created.  Right now, we live in a day in which God’s mercy and grace are being deliberately manifested as He interacts with His creation.  But the day approaches when His justice will be meted out on those who are not willing to receive His   mercy and grace.  Those who have no regard for God will eventually have their way; God will have no regard for them.

  While heralding the good news of God’s love on deaf ears has become increasingly frustrating, it is a privilege to be His light bearer in this day of darkness.  The light? — God created; man sinned against God; Christ died to pay for that sin; He rose from the dead; He offers forgiveness to those who will come to Him by faith.  Better hurry, it’s beginning to look like that day of judgment and justice is near!