This ministry can be conducted on Your Schedule. By participating, you can help us to maintain our church fellowship and unity, and be a part of building up the body of Christ!

  You can conduct your ministry of edification by phone, or in person (at any agreed upon meeting place, including a quiet place at church).

A)  To count as a part of this ministry, your time should include:

1)  Conversation about the Lord (e.g.  a message you heard, something that was a blessing to you from your devotions, a favorite verse, etc.)

2)  Share prayer requests and have a season of prayer together.

B)  Choose the person(s) you would like to encourage this week!

Names can be selected from the Bulletin Board at the entrance of the church.  

Please remove the individual’s card (or family’s cards) from the board and discard them after your visit.

When all of the cards are removed, we will replace them and begin the process once again.

Let’s try not to leave anyone out.  YOU CAN DO IT!