Deep Cut

As I listened to the questions fired at our President and his press secretary during the typical press conference, I am grieved by the blatant evidence of our national division and the senseless, ruthless partisanship in this election year. The issues that are discussed are critical to our nation and often bathed in the blood of our brave soldiers, both living and dead, who are scattered around the world.

Our President is being criticized for dragging his feet, or worse, for being neglectful in utilizing intelligence made available to him before the Covid pandemic. This is unsettling because in the same breath, the forked tongues of his critics denounce him for being preemptive in halting flights from countries that were already in the throes of pandemic. With all of this organized confusion, one might conclude that the motivation that drives America’s political machine is not fully disclosed in the prepared statements of the election year hopefuls. As disheartening as it may seem, these outward manifestations of division are only on the surface; the fault line that divides our country runs much deeper.

For the sake of openness, tolerance and pluralism, we have divorced ourselves from the foundational fabric that made our nation “One nation, under God.” Like it or not, Biblical Christianity has for centuries been the underpinning that makes freedom work. Men without morals will use their freedoms to fly airplanes into buildings or give their lives for the sole purpose of taking the lives of others.

Dear Christian brother or sister, our hope is not in the reform of a nation. We should pray for those who are in authority, as their decisions will impact the whole world, but the real battle for America and for the future of mankind is not fought on a national or international level, but in the minds and hearts of individuals. You are the soldiers and your homes, schools, workplaces and neighborhoods are the battlefields. We must win their hearts to Christ, if we hope to save a nation.