Choose Your Master

  It becomes increasingly apparent that humanity does not like to answer to any authority.  They do not want to be policed, surveilled or even instructed in matters that pertain to international, national, regional, local, familial or personal matters.  In a word, they want to be “Free.”  This proposed freedom is not the freedom that was purchased by the blood of countless thousands, shed on battlefields that circumvent the globe, but a redefined freedom whose definition looks very similar to that of the word Anarchy.

  Most Americans would be against Socialism if they would take the time to understand that it is a stepping stone to full fledged Communism in which everyone is subject to the ruling class.  Though the Communist Play Book says that the ruling class will dissolve as a perfect society is formed, that has never been the case.  But then the only thing that we have learned from history for sure, is that we don’t learn anything from history.

  Why the blind-push for what will ultimately result in anarchy and tyranny?  Man is selfish and self-centered by nature.  Who wants to be told what to do by man—or by God?  We want to have it our way, but never stop to consider what the world would be like if the almost 8 billion people who live on planet Earth, all have it their way, at the same time.

  This is why God, from the beginning, created us to be dependent upon Him.  Also, as Creator and Sustainer, He has established ground rules and moral absolutes to promote health, happiness and purpose among His creatures.  He has ordained that authority structure be utilized in every institution and organization known to man.  He is a God of order.

  So, we were created to be dependent, and to answer to authority.  But we were also created with a free will (the right to choose), because God did not want robots or puppets, but people—souls who could choose to submit or to rebel.  Those who submit will have the privileged opportunity of fellowship with Him forever, by faith in Jesus Christ.  Those who rebel will not.