Are You Ready?

  Did you ever stop to consider what would happen if all of the information collected about you were combined?  There is cell phone data, medical and dental data, banking data, IRS data, data collected by grocery stores and online businesses, military data, Google and Facebook data, and the list goes on.  If these were all combined, someone could have access to more information about you than you are capable of remembering about yourself.

  Have you noticed what is happening in the Middle East?  Israel’s enemies are relentlessly encouraging her destruction.  The unrest in Syria has strengthened the alliance of evil allies.  The world is becoming more tolerant of Sharia law which threatens the inalienable rights of the free world.

  Have you considered the fact that our leaders have joined other leaders of the world in times of financial and political crisis to discuss solutions that involve a unified global monetary system and united military operations that put our soldiers under the direct authority of foreign commanders?

  Are you appalled at the truthless politics that plague our country, the greed of those who take advantage of the system to get gain, the general disregard for morality and decency?  Are you concerned about what will be left for our children and grandchildren?

  These and other national and global developments have raised the eyebrows of those who are familiar with Scripture prophecies that describe the end times.  Though no man knows the day and hour, certainly nothing is preventing the curtain rise on the biblically defined final act of the ages.

  Some will call me a prophet of doom, when actually, mine is a message of hope.  When Jesus Christ was here before; He died, was buried and rose again to pay for your forgiveness and restore your relationship with God.  Right now, His salvation is free to all who come to Him by faith!  …before the end, He is coming again, are you ready?