Without the Word ?

America founded on Biblical principlesSome time ago, I was reading an article that supposedly revealed the “true character” of a political candidate.  Someone had attended a church service to observe this would-be public servant in worship mode.  The writer described nods of affirmation as the candidate listened to her pastor speak of future global events as they are described in the Bible.  The tone of the article was, of course, critical.  For a public official who might be called upon to make decisions that affect international policy or diplomacy, any espousal of Bible prophecy, he inferred, could only spell disaster.

History, as it was recorded (rather than as it has been revised) reveals that our nation was founded upon biblical principles.  The greatest patriots were men and women who placed their confidence in these principles and risked their lives and honor to defend them.  I take issue with this and all journalists who defame the eternal Word of God.

Understanding Bible prophecy and applying Bible principles would make us a stronger ally for peace loving people around the world.  A political leader with a healthy understanding of foundational Bible prophecies and principles would cease the senseless bargaining with godless world leaders who state their evil intentions in the confines of their nation’s academic institutions and political arenas, and then lie with a smile for the cameras of gullible international media.  An understanding and affirmation of the Bible will not hinder the performance of an honest politician, but will enhance it.

Perhaps you are reading these lines with skepticism.  Maybe you see this as a religious fanatic’s minuscule effort to mix the affairs of church and state.  My challenge to you is to spend enough time with a Bible to gain a cursory understanding of what it contains.  You’ll discover that the Bible has eternal freshness and relevance.  It could change your life, and save our land. In fact, we’ll never make it without the Word.