United We Fall

United we FallNo, I haven’t lost my mind, and yes, I do understand the principle of strength in unity.  But we must never forget that this strength of the united that builds cities and nations, can also be utilized to destroy them.

An age old strategy in warfare is to study the activities of the opponent and introduce things into his lifestyle that will cause him to destroy himself.  An example of this is found in the Bible (Numbers 22).  Balaam, a prophet for hire, was employed by Balak, king of Moab, to curse God’s people, Israel.  When God would not allow him to do so, as a consolation to Balak, he offered some evil advice.  Balaam told Balak that it was possible to destroy Israel from within by having his pagan, idolatrous people intermarry with the Israelites (i.e. unite with them).  Within their very homes, his people would be able to turn the Israelites away from their God.  He knew that if Israel’s beliefs could be altered and their faith diminished, the nation would fall.  It worked! …death by unity.
For more contemporary examples one might examine the tactics employed by the Nazi party in World War II.

Satan is a master tactician.  He knows by experience how to diminish the strength of God’s people, or “One Nation Under God.”  His prize tactic––unite and conquer.

An article that I read some time ago demonstrates what one journalist called the “new and growing dynamic” of unity at all cost.  The article pointed out that the lines of doctrinal distinction among God’s people are being dissolved.  The point is that people don’t really care about doctrine anymore; fellowship is more fun.

Though there is a sense in which we can enjoy strength in unity, we must understand that if we compromise truth to obtain it, our unity becomes a destructive force rather than an impetus for good.